4 Ways I’ve personalised my gallery wall with custom artwork

While it's incredibly cool to have a gallery wall in your home, it's also great when the images mean something to you. There are plenty of ways to include customised artworks in your home and here are a few options to help you fill your home with pieces you love...

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While it’s incredibly cool to have a gallery wall in your home, it’s also great when the images mean something to you. There are plenty of ways to include customised artworks in your home and here are a few options to help you fill your home with pieces you love…


While it might be obvious to use your own photographs to personalise your home, I’m not necessarily talking about photos of your family, friends or pets – although, of course, it’s lovely to have such images around your home. I spotted an offer that landed in my inbox this week, which is 50 free prints every month when you use the Snapfish UK app, which you could use to print family pics, or you could print out those gorgeous photos of sunsets or beautiful beach shots that would otherwise stay on your computer, unseen.

If you haven’t already got photos like this from your last holiday, you could even plan a day out in the future with the intention of capturing some lovely views. Take your camera, or even use your smart phone on the best quality setting, and snap away. A great time to take photos is during ‘golden hour’ just before sunset and, if you’re lucky, you might end up seeing a dramatic red sky as the sun goes down. Once you’ve captured the ideal photo, get it printed out in a larger size than you usually would for impact on your gallery wall.


Once you’ve got lovely photos, you can use these are inspiration for artworks. Either have a go at recreating the scene yourself, using pastels on paper or acrylic paints on a canvas, or you could commission an artist turn your photo into a painting using watercolours. Frame up the piece and accept the admiring comments from future visitors to your home.

Something else that I love the idea of and that I’m already in the process of doing is having a photo of my cat (the pic above) turned into a paint-by-numbers for adults, which includes all the paint colours I need. That way, I’m essentially painting the piece myself but I can’t get the shapes and perspective wrong as it’s already mapped out for me on the canvas. You could use the same service to turn ANY photo into a painting – it could be a picture of a favourite local scene, you could do a custom painting of your home, recreate a still-life you’ve set up, or even paint a portrait of a family member.


I’m a regular shopper at @MakersMarketFromHome on Instagram where makers and artists showcase their creations at a monthly virtual market. I bought a few prints from artists at the last market including a layered fern leaf print by Rachel Mahon, a screen-print of a vintage typewriter from Design Smith Studio and two illustrations from artist Hannah from Sandpaper Kisses shop on Etsy.

The key here is to have a place in mind for the print before you buy it. If there’s a space on your gallery wall that could really do with a green coloured print, you can go on the hunt for a botanical illustration or painting of a houseplant. I love the process of framing up prints when they arrive and it’s handy if you already have a frame for the space, as you can make sure to order the print in the correct size. I already had a place in mind for the fern print, and it completes my gallery wall perfectly.


If you want to make your gallery wall thoroughly personal, ask family and friends to make artworks for you. You could ask for paintings for your birthday rather than gifts and tap into your friends’ artistic talents. Alternatively, you could collect together drawings from your children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews and group them together as a colourful gallery wall.

There’s nothing better than filling your walls with artworks you love and you’ll find that every piece has meaning, thanks to the effort that your friend or family member has put into it. Try to group similar colours and themes for a put-together gallery wall.

Let me know how you’ve managed to personalise your home with a unique gallery wall – I’d love to hear your ideas for creating and displaying artwork in your home. 🙂


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