Self-care tips: How to stay snug while working from home this winter

Many of us are working from home this month & although it's tempting to wear your comfy PJs all day or even stay in bed to work on your laptop, that's not the best way to look professional or feel motivated. Here's how to stay cosy while working remotely:

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Many of us are working from home this month, and who knows how long we’ll be working remotely this year? Although it’s tempting to wear your comfy PJs all day or even stay in bed to work on your laptop, that’s not the best way to look professional or feel motivated. It’s difficult enough to stay on top of your game when adapting to a new way of working, and you should take extra care of yourself while working from home. Nonetheless, you can still stay cosy in your home office this winter and look stylish for those conference calls at the same time. Here’s how:

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If you’ve resisted loungewear so far, now’s the time to give in and invest in some lovely loungewear. In the winter, there’s nothing better than pulling on a cosy coordinating outfit to keep you warm and comfortable during the working day. But that doesn’t mean you should work in pyjamas – you’ve still got video calls to attend and you need to change into a fresh outfit for the day in order to feel work-ready.

Instead of PJs, I’m suggesting matching loungewear that consists of thick jumpers with coordinating slouchy trousers. The luxe knitted fabric will keep you warm during the winter months (so you don’t need to hike your heating up quite so much) and the elasticated waistband will feel comfortable while you’re sitting at your desk. A recent survey showed that many home-workers are wearing their dressing gown for over a quarter of their working day, so you can always layer up with a dressing gown to stay warm until that video call begins!

Thankfully, lots of loungewear options look just like lovely jumpers or layered cardigans, so no-one needs to know that your trousers are super-stretchy and that you’re wearing a thermal vest under your lounge top to keep you toasty. The same survey of 2000 adults showed that 52% are going more casual during video calls these days so, as long as you choose a slogan-free, solid colour top, you’ll be able to achieve newsreader-worthy look for that onine meeting. Thank goodness video conferencing only requires you to look put-together from the waist up, right?!


Again, no-one’s seeing your footwear so why not stay snug in a super pair of slippers? Fluffy linings keep toes cosy in the winter and boot designs warm those chilly ankles too. Add a pair of knitted socks and your feet will thank you for it. Well, there’s no need to wear outdoor footwear when you’re inside is there? I haven’t worn proper shoes for nearly a year (!) and 86% of survey respondents enjoy not having to wear proper shoes while working frrom home. Well, when you can wear something as cosy as this funky two-bar slider, why would you?

Soft snuggly slippers are a step up from socks; you don’t feel the level of chill that socks alone let it and you’ve got a little extra grip on the base of the slippers to help you feel more secure. Sure, you can kick them off under your desk and put your feet on a heated wheat pad if you want to warm them up even further, but slippers help to add that extra layer to keep feet snug in the winter. Sure, you’re investing some new items for your WFH wardrobe but just think about how much you’re saving by working from home, in terms of transport, treats and maybe even tax if you’re self-employed.


Keeping warm and comfortable while working from home isn’t just about what you wear. Think about the furnishings that are around you too. For example, putting your feet on a rug is certainly going to keep them warmer than if they’re on a concrete or tiled floor. Add some soft faux fur cushions to your office chair so that you feel comfortable when you sink into your seat, and you can use a cosy throw to cover up your knees if the temperature drops in the winter. I love to snuggle up under a blanket all season long so there’s no reason why I can’t layer up at my desk too. Plus, your ‘Zoom room’ will look extra luxe!

In terms of feeling cosy while it’s cold and raining outside, add a few extra light sources to the room you’re working in. That way, the pools of light will make you subconsciously feel warmer, and you won’t have to strain your eyes to see what you’re working on when the sun sets mid-afternoon (or so it feels). Stay warm with a microwavable heated pad that you can pop on your lap. These are also useful for relieving any aches and tension from working at a desk, so slide it down your back or wrap it around your neck to ease any soreness and stay warm at the same time.

I hope these tips will help you to stay cosy and comfortable while working from home this winter. At least you’re not having to go out in that horrid weather to commute to your office! And you have a great excuse to wear soft loungewear and fluffy ankle boot slippers this month: you’re practising self-care and staying warm during the cold winter months. Bonus.


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