5 Reasons to choose wallpaper over paint when decorating your home

Painting feature walls has been a popular option for a very long time but, recently, the usage of wallpaper in interior design has increased - I've seen more patterned wallpapers on interiors Instagram accounts than ever before. Here's why it's become such a popular choice...

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Homeowners have begun to understand the advantages that using wallpaper can provide, so more and more people are opting for wallpapers rather than just simply painting their rooms. So, if you’re considering adding a patterned feature wall or even a full room of wallpaper this year, here are some of the advantages of wallpaper and some reasons why you might find it more appealing to paper rather than paint your home… 

1. The variety of options 

Wallpapers can quickly and easily create the feeling of a beautiful, rich, and diverse interior space and there are SO many options for colours, texture, images, patterns etc. Imagine the wildest possible theme for a room and you’ll probably be able to get wallpaper that will match it perfectly! It’s possible to customise wallpapers too, so you can create your own personalised designs, from geometric patterns or graffiti wallpaper, to full wall-sized photographic murals. This wide variety of options enables you to achieve literally any aesthetic theme you want for a specific space. 

2. Easy to update

If your interior space requires a quick aesthetic update, or if you simply just like changing the look and feel of your space once in a while, wallpapers are a great option. Wallpapers are very easy to remove and the installation of a new paper is pretty time-efficient. Paste-the-wall papers make decorating quicker and easier than ever and you can even get self-adhesive, peelable options that are paste-free. So, with wallpapers, you can get as creative as you want and keep freshening up your space frequently.  

3. Durability

If you compare paint and wallpaper, wallpapers are way more durable. With paint, there are a lot of concerns like the yellowing, peeling, or dripping of the paint and it’s easy to scuff the surface when you knock corners or leave marks when moving furniture around. On the other hand, when wallpapers are installed properly, they should last for many years without needing to be replaced. Maintaining wallpaper is also pretty easy, as most of them are dust and water-resistant. If they ever require cleaning, some minimal wiping with soapy water and a sponge will help them to look as good as new again. 

4. Affordability

Renovating and interior decorating can be a pretty expensive task. But if you are looking for cost-effective ways to get a good quality finish, wallpaper is a great option. And, as I mentioned in the paragraph above, the durability of wallpaper also makes it cheaper in the long run, as you won’t need to keep touching up the wall. Wallpapers are also very simple to install, so you can get creative and do it yourself, which can help you save decorator fees. Wallpapering also saves you the money and effort needed to fix any staining or furniture damage that might be caused by painting – I know I always find an accidental splash whenever I pick up a paint brush!  

5. No toxins

One of the biggest drawbacks of painting walls, for me, are the toxins in the formula. Most of the more affordable paints are full of chemicals or at least have an obnoxious lingering smell that stays in the house for at least 4-5 days after painting. This smell released by the paint is strong, annoying, and bad for your health, which is why you need to allow plenty of time for the paint to dry properly before you start using that particular space. But wallpapers are pretty hassle-free in this regard. They are usually non-toxic, have no weird smell, or do not need additional drying time, so the room can be used immediately after the wallpaper is installed. 

Wallpapers aren’t just the most diverse and cost-effective decorating option but they are also one of the quickest and safest methods to beautify your rooms. Let me know if you’ve chosen to install wallpaper in your home and I’d love to hear your hacks for hanging it easily in the comments below. 🙂

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