How to plan a DIY couple’s photoshoot for Valentine’s Day

Whether you want a cute way to celebrate Valentine's Day or simply want to capture some memories with your significant other, a couple's photoshoot is a fun activity to plan, and you can DIY it - here's how...

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Thanks to my friend Claire Lacey Photography for these beautiful photos

Have you ever considered planning a photoshoot for you and your other half? It’s such a fab activity for Valentine’s Day (and beyond) and it allows you to enjoy time together, be a little silly and hopefully get some adorable snaps too.

For a special occasion like an anniversary, an engagement or a baby announcement, there’s always the option of hiring a professional family photographer to help you capture the moment. That way, you can be certain that you’ll get beautiful photos that you’ll love looking at for years to come.

But, if you just want to have a bit of fun together and need inspiration for something to do on Valentine’s Day this year, you could always have a go at creating a couple’s photoshoot for yourself. You could even make a day of it – either at home or at a location that means something to you.

All you need is a tripod, some portrait editing software for post-processing, and any kind of digital camera – a phone would do, but if you’ve got a DLSR, even better. As long as the camera has got a timer, you’ll be able to capture those cute couple shots.

Plan an at-home photoshoot

If you’re going to be taking photos at home, there’s no reason why you can’t set up a beautiful backdrop to make your photos look even more pro. It doesn’t have to cost a lot – you could use wallpaper, fabric, fairy lights, or even wrapping paper. I’ve previously shared a blog post about making DIY photobooth props so this might be a cute idea to get crafty together too!

For a romantic Valentine’s Day photoshoot, choose a floral or pastel wallpaper for a dreamy feel. Opting for delicate light colours will also ensure that you stand out as a couple against the subtle backdrop. Temporarily attach it to the wall or drape over a hanging rail and you’re ready to start taking some shots.

The benefit of photos indoors is that you’ll be cosy and can therefore choose any outfits you like without worrying about having to wrap up warm outdoors. You can go glam with a sparkling sequinned dress or opt for an elegant floaty tulle gown to create beautiful, romantic photos with your loved one.

Alternatively, it doesn’t have to be super-glam – if you’re already at home, you could take some really comfy, cosy photos that capture your everyday life together. You can include your pets or other family members, or even just capture some natural shots of you cooking together in the kitchen – just put up the tripod, adjust the camera settings for the lighting in the room and snap away.

Take photos outside

Alternatively, head outside into nature to capture some fun images. Why not visit a location that means something to you as a couple? Maybe the place you first met or the location of a romantic date? At this time of year, it might be a bit chilly outside so be sure to take a flask of hot drink with you so you can both warm up between shots!

A benefit of taking photos outdoors is that you’ll be well lit by the natural daylight. However, this can also be tricky to control if there’s bright sun, as it’ll also cast strong shadows. Try to keep your faces illuminated if you want clear images but don’t turn directly towards the sun as it’ll make you squint!

The best time of day to take photos outdoors is during ‘golden hour’ – the time just before sunset. This is when the light is softer and warmer, so there’ll be fewer shadows on your faces and the highlights won’t be too bright.

Plus, you can use the sunlight to your advantage to create some beautiful silhouette shots with the sun behind you. Or you can actually photograph your shadows rather than focusing on yourselves, which gives you a cute, slightly abstract photo.

Process and print your couple photos

Once you’ve taken the photos and are back at home, pour yourselves a drink and snuggle up to choose your favourites. When you’ve selected a few gorgeous photos, you can give them a real wow-factor by processing them using a portrait editor.

This will make your photos look even more professional and can fix any issues, such as adjusting the lighting, colours and clarity of the image. Processing the pics can help to improve any imperfections in the image – such as fixing red-eye or touching up blemishes – and take down the shadows if the sunlight was too strong.

You can even add effects like adding a creative blur to the background to really make you and your other half stand out in the image. Plus, you should think about where you’ll be hanging the photo once it’s printed – maybe a classic black and white image would suit your home? Or you could add a fun colour effect by picking out a single hue within a monochrome background.

Thanks to my friend Gemma Scopes Photography for this cute photo

All that’s left to do is to actually get those photos printed and frame them up to display them around your home. Of course, you can share them straight away on your social profiles too! Let me know if you have any tips for taking photos as a couple and please share your ideas for other Valentine’s Day activities in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned. 🙂

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