3 Side hustles that make the most of your creative skills

Wouldn't it be great to make some extra cash on side? Even if you don't think you've got the skills to launch a creative business, I'm here to show you otherwise. Here are three side hustles you can try out and maybe make a bit of money from your creativity...

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With the cost of living crisis, I’m sure we could all do with a bit more money in our wallets. So it seemed like the right time to share some creative side hustles that might help you to make a bit of extra cash.

You don’t have to give up your regular work to try out these money-making ideas – they’re all something that you can do in your spare time, with the equipment you already own and no outlay for stock or supplies.

Here are three ideas for making money from your existing creative skills:

Design your own products

If you enjoy drawing, have an eye for design, like putting together slogans and fonts, or simply like to snap photos, one way that you can turn your creative endeavours into cash is to design and sell high quality merchandise.

You don’t need to physically craft any products yourself, you don’t have to invest in equipment, and you definitely don’t need to hold any stock. You can use printing services online to apply your own design to almost any kind of product you like – think T-shirts, bags, hats, and even phone cases.

You just need to come up with an interesting design and upload it to the website. Then you can customise the products and add them to your Etsy shop or website, ready for customers to buy. Each item is printed on demand and sent straight to the buyer, so you won’t have t keep an inventory of different sizes and products at home. It’s all done for you!

Create your own printables

And finally, you can use your creative skills to make money by designing printable products and selling them on Etsy. Many customers want to buy original artwork for their homes but aren’t necessarily able to pay the high prices that art can command.

So, rather than making one original artwork to sell once, why not turn it into a printable artwork poster that you can sell over and over again? Even if you’re charging less for the design, you’ll probably make more money from it in the long run, as there’s no limit to how many times you can sell that piece.

You only need to make it once and you don’t need to physically print multiples of the design, it’s all digital. Plus, there are no postage costs involved and your customer print and frame up the design themselves straight away – no waiting for deliveries or worrying that artwork might become crumpled in the post.

Craft your own cards

Another thing you can do is to add your own designs to an online greetings card marketplace. If you’re an illustrator or have graphic design skills you can put these to good use and make your own card designs that you then upload onto the platform.

Plus, you might already have photos in your collection that you could turn into attractive greetings cards. When you upload your design, you’ll earn a royalty every time a customer orders it from the website and you don’t have to do anything. No printing, no posting – so you can concentrate on being creative!

I hope these ideas have got you thinking about ways that you could possibly make some cash from your creativity. And please let me know if you have any other ideas for creative ways to make money on the side. I’d love to hear your money-making hacks in the comments below. And please let me know if you have tried any of the above methods, it would be interesting to hear about your own creative businesses.

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