The WordPress #postaday or #postaweek challenge – which is for me?

I’ve decided to join up to the WordPress Post-A-Day/Post-A-Week campaign and try to increase my blogging activity, both on my personal blog and the Cassiefairy blog. Here’s the link to The Daily Post blog so you can find out what this challenge is all about, and maybe get involved.

The trouble is, choosing either Post-a-Day or Week? I’d love to do one post each day, and a lot of the time I do – I mean, I can’t let down my lunchtime readers can I? But EVERY day? I’m not too sure about that, as I like to have weekends off and if I’m away or working on a different project, I sometimes forget about the blog completely. I might even have a back-up blog post already written, ready to share, but I simply forget to post it.

No, I don’t think I can commit to a Post-A-Day at the moment, and I certainly couldn’t deal with being disappointed in myself if I don’t do it. So Post-A-Week it is then! Which I will certainly be able to do. No problem. I do it anyway… but maybe that’s not really in the spirit of Post-A-Day/Week. It’s not a challenge if you already do it.

So back to the Post-A-Day option!

I just don’t want to submit my readers to a load of drivel if I can’t create a good blog post everyday: my blog might become worse for it, and be full of ramblings posted just before bedtime as I realise “Oops, I didn’t blog today”. Some days I can’t even find anything to Tweet about, let alone write a whole post about. But that’s the challenge of it isn’t it?

So I’ll commit to Post-A-Week and attempt to stick to Post-A-Day but as I have two blogs, the #postaday2011 will be divided up between the two, to preserve my sanity!


Anyone else up for the challenge? Sign up for Post-A-Day or Post-A-Week here


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