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I’m pretty lucky when it comes to footwear because I have small feet. I don’t mean tiiiiny feet but I have normal adult size 4 feet and although I sometimes think that my feet are a bit small for the rest of me (I sometimes buy chunky shoes and bulky boots in order to make my feet look more in proportion) it does at least mean that I can get away with choosing footwear from both adult and child ranges.

If you too have size 5 feet or below, you can also shop in the kiddies department like me and get away with saving quite a bit of cash on footwear. I know I’ve said it before, but it really is one of the cheapest ways to buy shoes, because children’s clothes don’t have VAT on them, so they are just that little 20% cheaper than adult shoes. I’m not saying that you have to buy pink trainers with My Little Pony all over them (although, I would buy these!), just check out the options in the teen section because you will probably find shoes that are similar to the adult ranges and you can save a bit of cash on them. I bought these suede shoe-boots from the teen department in New Look last week – I was shopping for a similar pair in the adult range and these were on the shelf just to the side of the adult shoe section, and were considerably better priced.

sale shoes teen department from new look

Plus they were a lot more comfortable. I suppose the manufacturers consider the heel high when creating a shoe for teens that might still have growing feet – there’s obviously a reason why little children don’t wear stilettos! I prefer a shorter heel and loved how comfortable I felt in these shoes – none of this wearing them in – they were ideal straight away. And it’s not just these shoes that I’ve enjoyed from the children’s department; I love kiddies flip-flops and sandals, which are often a little big for me even in the correct adult sizes, and they are usually very pretty and colourful with cute embellishments. I even bought my shoes for my wedding from a children’s range and they were so comfortable all day and you can just imagine how much money I saved on the price of normal wedding shoes!

So if you can get away with it (some of the children’s ranges online even go up to an adult size 6) you’ll save some money and probably have a more comfortable ride in the process. Plus no-one else will be wearing the same shoes as you!

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