Nail art trends ~ the sparkly ombre manicure

The ombre trend – two colours blending together – is everywhere this summer. It started with ombre hair, with many women choosing dark roots blending into blonde tips, and I love how this makes hair look naturally sunkissed for summer. Now the trend is being reflected in clothing, with the ‘dip dye’ effect appearing around the bottom of skirts, dresses and even trousers and even manicures are taking inspiration from this trend. I’ve tried out a few colour combinations of ombre manicure over the past couple of weeks and I really like the effect that adding a layer of glitter polish over a similar colour looks. Also, it can give a manicure a new lease of live if it is getting a little chipped around the tips, as the sparkly ombre colour covers it up!

crabtree and evelyn 60 second hand fix citron review

 So I’ve done a little tutorial for getting the ombre nails effect but first I had to prep my hands – they always get very dry at this time of year and the skin around my nails wasn’t looking at it’s best so I’ve used a quick-fix to get my hands looking pretty enough to photograph (or at least, I think they are – let me know?!). I like to use Crabtree & Evelyn’s product 60 second fix for hands; a little kit that includes a luxurious Hand Recovery scrub (which completely changes the texture of the skin on your hands in itself) and a smooth Hand Therapy cream, so I put the crystal salt to good use polishing up my skin before starting my ombre manicure. I love the 25g mini fix kit in Citron, Honey & Coriander but these kits are also available in bigger 100g kits and different scents. I’ve always been a fan of this brand, and was excited to see that they are launching a new range of conditioning hand wash today, so when I can afford to treat myself I’ll be getting my hands on this (excuse the pun!) too.

cassiefairy pink and red ombre manicure tutorial

Here are my top tips for creating a funky ombre manicure at home:

  1. Choose two nail polish colours in a similar tone – one normal and one glittery (although gold or silver glitter can go over the top of any shade!). I’ve use a cheapy W7 red that is packed with glitter, very good value for money at only a couple of pounds!
  2. Paint you nails with two coats of the base polish and allow to dry.
  3. Add a small amount of the glitter polish to the tips of the nails and use the brush to push it up towards the middle of the nail.
  4. If you need to blend the line between both colours, dip a cotton bud into a little nail polish remover and use to lightly blend the polishes together.
  5. Always add a clear top-coat of polish to seal the two colours together and make your ombre manicure last longer!

cassiefairy pink and red ombre manicure tutorial tips

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