My attempt at the Mollie Makes sardines sewing project

Do you remember that I treated myself to Mollie Makes magazine last week and I threatened to take some time for myself to complete the sewing project that came with the magazine? (here’s the blog post as proof!) Well, I actually did it! I sat myself down one evening and, seeing as all the ingredients for the project were already provided, I had no excuse not to get crafty and have a go at creating the sardines keyring.

Mollie Makes fish keyring sardines sewing project issue 29 2013

I gave it my best shot, and the first floral fish turned out pretty well! The instructions were very easy to follow and although it took me about half an hour to hand-sew one little fish, it gave a good result and I felt a sense of achievement when I finished it. Unfortunately, I think I was getting a bit tired by the time I was sewing the second sardine, because it looks a bit weedy and poorly constructed in comparison! The pattern was for a smaller fish, so I struggled with the tiny proportions and the fabric frayed around the edges as I was sewing it, so the line of back-stitching had to be moved in further, which made the already tiny fish even thinner and much more difficult to stuff and finish off. The pink fish wasn’t my finest sewing hour, but I didn’t give up and finished it, and it doesn’t look too bad next to the bigger one!

Let me know if you’ve done the same sewing project or any other Mollie Makes giveaway kit and tell me how you got on! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My attempt at the Mollie Makes sardines sewing project

  1. Love the sardines. So cute. I struggle with sewing finicky pieces also and was taught by a doll maker to trace the pattern on the fabric, sew on the lines and then cut out after. Works everytime.

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