Time for a spring clean – in the summer…

When the sun comes out, my thoughts turn to the outside of my house. I love my garden, but don’t really like getting dirty – so I’m more than happy to sit outside and watch while hubby gets to work digging over the borders! But while I was sitting outside recently, I spotted that my windows and doors are in a right state!

I’ve been living in my new home for just over a year now and I deep cleaned everything when we moved in. I don’t know why, but I scrub everything when I move – I guess I’m making a fresh start – so my home was definitely sparkling-clean only a year ago. But now, as I sat on my lawn, I realised how grubby the windows and doors have become. Another thing about the sun is that it shines in through the windows and highlights any marks on the glass there too. So there was no getting away from it – I was going to have to clean them all again.

cassiefairy's spring cleaning windows dunelm mill click n clean

I got this collection of cleaning tools from Dunelm Mill and I pretty much had everything I needed to give my house the once-over. I started by scrubbing the windows (yes, I’m little and there’s no way I can reach those top windows!) so it’s a good thing that my scrubbing brush has interchangeable poles that can be lengthened and that the head can be changed for any of the other squeegee/mop heads in the Click ‘n’ Clean range. I only used washing-up liquid to clean the windows and after a quick scrub and squeegee, they were looking sparkling clean! Obviously, hubby helped out with some of the windows while I went inside and cleaned the inner panes of glass with the second squeegee head. There was a bit of a ‘discussion’ about who had left a couple of smears on the windows – was it inside or out? (definitely outside!) as we stood back to admire our handiwork. Does anyone have any tips for smears on glass? I’ve heard rumours about vinegar and newspaper etc but would like to know if it works, so please get in touch if you’ve tried it!

cassiefairy's spring cleaning door dunelm mill click n clean

I cleaned all of my external doors too (yes, I could reach them!) and you’ll be impressed with this door to our outhouse above –  a proper before-and-after achievement! I really don’t know how it got so bad but now it looks like it has been repainted – I have even impressed myself! And really, it was so easy to do that I wondered why I’ve not bothered to clean everything sooner. I’m just a bit lazy I suppose! At least now that everything is clean, I can leave it a whole year before having to do it all again!


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