Thrifty embellished cardi – DIY the look for less with buttons

Pink is going to be a big trend for this Autumn/Winter – it’s in all the magazines and on all the best fashion blogs, so it must be true – blush, rose and coral is here to stay. It’s an unusual choice for autumn and I always think that pink is a spring/summer colour, but if it means that I can carry on wearing my summer tops, I’m happy with that! However, I’d like to jazz up my spring cardigan so that it at least looks like a different top from the knitwear that I’ve been wearing all year, so I’ve decided to add buttons.

Button Up header image

This also reflects the pink trend because I’ve chosen to add buttons in lots of different rosy hues and have thrown in a couple of darker maroon and red ones to make it just a little bit more festive and autumnal. You can use any jumper or cardigan for this project – pick one up from your local charity shop or online in the Oxfam Online Shop knitwear  section . Choose some coordinating or contrasting buttons (easy to find at carboot sales, or in haberdashery stores) to create two very different looks on your winter knitwear. And here’s how it’s done:

 Button Up You Will Need

You will need: Jumper or cardigan, buttons of different sizes and colours, needle, matching thread

  1. Choose your buttons and roughly lay them out on your jumper or cardigan to decide where you would like the different colours and sizes to be to create a pleasing and balanced design around the neckline.

  2. Thread your needle with the matching thread and begin stitching the buttons to your top

Button Up Step 2 sewing

  1. You need not tie off each button, but you can simply attach each button with a couple of stitches then take the needle along the back of the fabric and come up wherever you’d like your next button to be.

  2. When you’re sewing your final button, take the thread behind it and finish with a double knot to stop the buttons dropping off.

Button Up before and after image

Don’t forget that you can add to anything else that takes your fancy – bows or different embellishments – it all adds to the handmade look and will ensure your winter knitwear is completely unique. This is one of my DIY blog posts for Oxfam Fashion, so please have a look at my Oxfam blogger profile and check out my previous DIY fashion posts too 🙂


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