Create a vintage inspired bedroom in 3 easy steps

Vintage-inspired looks offer the chance to create a uniquely personal space, an opportunity long absent from most contemporary bedrooms. As well as offering timeless elegance, a sense of decadence and a homely feel which is often lost in the stark lines and minimalist décor of modern bedrooms, they make the perfect gallery for all of those thrifty bargains you’ve picked up by hunting around and repurposing old furniture and households items – the ones they now like to label as vintage. Soft colours, delicate patterns and textured fabrics help to recreate the romanticism of antique bedrooms, whilst authentic pieces can capture the expert craftsmanship and exquisite handmade appeal of old world furniture, recreating the essence of their original era. If you want to recapture the glamour and opulence of the past without paying a hefty sum for your luxurious new décor, here are a few tips to help you.

Stencil a Wall Panel

A vintage wall stencil is an inexpensive way of creating an elegant focal point. Try to roll lightly and unevenly as you paint the design onto the wall, as this will create a faded vintage effect. To draw attention to your artistry and add an extra touch of opulence, you should make use of your jewellery by hanging it on the wall over the stencil. Source some delicate, pretty white, gold or brass hooks with a floral theme, each in a different style to create the effect of unique, hand-made pieces, and hang them from the wall, draping your necklaces and bracelets from them for a sense of opulent, antique luxury. Place them opposite a window so that the light catches the jewels during the day, throwing pretty patterns across your walls and floor as it passes through them.

Heirloom Opulence

Lots of pieces of small furniture create a busy effect evocative of modern life. To recapture the dramatic, unhurried grandeur of days gone by, when people still had the time to admire each piece on its individual merits and the quality of its craftsmanship, opt for fewer, larger pieces which make a big statement. The men and women of yesteryear were admirers of solid wooden furniture, but antique furniture is often expensive, and bigger pieces such as beds can be very hard to source and lacking in modern comforts. To circumvent these problems, you should opt for a modern, slightly more conservatively priced take on the exaggerated size and splendour of antique décor. Consider a vintage bed or a mahogany chest or wardrobe. Look for a piece big enough to dominate the master bedroom. If you want to stick to antique creations, search local thrift and antique stores, keeping an eye out for smaller, cheaper accent pieces, such as bedside tables.

Linens and Hangings

Charity shops tend to have more lace than they know what to do with. Pick up a single, cheap panel and hang it at the window. This will create an old-world effect, provide privacy and diffuse light. Choose a prettily designed piece to make stunning patterns from light and shadow dance across your wooden floorboards every time the sun shines. The delicacy of the material and the craftsmanship evident in its design will complement the vintage look of the rest of the room, particularly if you source the fabric from a vintage market or charity shop.

Carry on this theme of delicate opulence with floral bed linens in rich fabrics. Handcrafted and vintage accessories should take centre stage. Handmade DIY linens and stitched cushions will add a hand-crafted originality to the décor, appearing elegant. You could easily design and make these yourself, to save money and put your own unique stamp on the room.

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