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Summer is coming! With its long days and beautiful weather nobody wants to be short of money so that they are unable go out into the world and enjoy each and every day that the sunshine offers. There are many ways to earn some extra cash all year round, but following is my list of great and thrifty ways to make extra money to ensure you get the full enjoyment from the sun.

  • Have a sale

A perfect way to ensure that you make some extra money in a quick, easy and thrifty fashion would be to locate the unwanted items that have accumulated around your house and sell them. Whether be a physical garage sale or car boot sale, or whether you put your household excess on a selling website, such as eBay, there will always be plenty of buyers for stuff that you no longer need or desire. The extra exercise of roaming your house to locate these items, and in the case of a boot sale the direct sunlight, will have you looking fantastic for the summer months too – just don’t forget your sunscreen!

  • Go Outdoors

Although we’re not into the summer months yet, the weather is improving and it is doing so to the extent that it is possible to get out of the house and make some money for yourself. The one thing that I find is great this time of year and tends to bring in plenty of customers is dog walking as people are busy with work, the gym and many other different things in life so are looking for some help with the mundane task of taking their dogs out for walks. Print some flyers and pin them on local noticeboards, make a Facebook profile and post on local area pages, tell anybody and everybody about your scheme and you’ll be sure to have people contacting you about your summer time enterprise. What could be better than getting sun and exercise while being paid for it?

  • Free online money

With there being massive competition within the bingo industry on the internet, they are always looking to tempt players in with free money promotions that offer the chance of winning big money with little or no risk to the customer. I’ve recently came across this bingo site ( that provide £10 for creating an account so that you can try to win some cash with no risk – just don’t add to the pot yourself! Another option is to get cash-back just for shopping online if you shop in the right places! All of this ‘free money’ could go into your holiday clothing fund to look good for the summer months on the beach.

  • Use Your Skills

No matter your skillset someone, somewhere is looking for you to do some work for them. It may not be regular, full time work but utilising your skills, abilities and talents in a freelance setting is the perfect way to boost your income in a cheap, easy and thrifty way. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you will be able to write content for websites, use your computer programming or troubleshooting capabilities to help fix computers or even answer customer service calls or emails to boost your summer holiday kitty. Best of all you can work out in the sunshine from home in your garden and all you need to do is visit a freelancing site such as or Freelancer.Com to start bidding on jobs and make money!

There are many, many ways of maximising your potential and the potential of items and skills available you to turn a profit and help resolve any financial issues or just to save for a holiday or other upcoming event. The listed methods have all helped me add to my earned money in quick and thrifty ways, but there are more options available and all you have to do is find the right one for you to boost your earnings!

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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