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I’m willing to bet that you too are carrying around at least one or two of the same things that I am in my handbag. I find it really interesting to see what other people have in their bags; it’s quite a private space and can reveal a lot about your personality. Actually, I never usually let others go rummaging through my bag unsupervised – who knows what they might find?! Even so, a handbag is an intriguing place and I’d love to share the contents of mine with you. I even find the choice of bag interesting, as it sometimes dictates what you can and can’t carry with you and obviously reflects your style.

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What’s in my bag:

  • My bag is Paperbird by Disaster Designs – I told my husband that I would ‘never need another bag ever again’ if he bought it for me for Christmas. So I’ve not been allowed to so much as look at another bag since December 2011. It’s getting a bit battered and faded now and a pen leaked all over the lining, but it IS the most useful bag I’ve ever had and I use it daily.
  • My purse is an Accessorize one that my friend Claire bought for my birthday that same year, so now I don’t need to shop for purses anymore either! It’s great quality and can hold everything I need including business cards and a photo of hubby.
  • My camera is usually in my bag to record ideas and things I see, and I store it in a grey knitted case.
  • At the top left is a fold-out shopping bag from Joules – that’s the sort of thing my mum would carry, but I love it – as Tim Minchin sings; ‘take your canvas bags to the supermarket’.
  • Whats in blogger Cassiefairys handbag-2
  • Nivea lipbalm (there’s usually 3 of these hanging around in there) the best I’ve ever used and this one has an SPF too
  • My glasses and my lenses pot – just in case I have a contact lens disaster while I’m out and about
  • Speaking of disasters, I’m always prepared – I have a couple of safety pins, paracetamol, Carex anti-bacterial gel, Aveda hand cream (the best in the world) and a tape measure (hubby always needs one) tucked in the back pocket of my bag. Plus, on my keys is a screwdriver keyring: I like to be able to help when someone needs something.
  • Notebook (from Julia Rothman), pen and pencil –because I never stop working and I forget ideas really easily.
  • Stila Lipglaze in Rosebud that my US friend Leslie sent me and bargain Collection 2000 XXL Volume Sensation mascara for quick touch-ups
  • Sunglasses that my sister-in-law gave me – I carry these all year round because I hate squinting; I can’t afford the wrinkles!

Whats in blogger Cassiefairys handbag-3

That’s actually quite a lot to carry, and sometimes I’m also carting around my hubby’s wallet, iPad and a drink – that’s the trouble with having a large satchel handbag: everything can fit in and everyone asks me to carry their bits n bobs! I think that the contents of my bag show that I am well organised and ready for all eventualities, possibly a little pessimistic with all the ’emergency’ items I keep with me, and quite ‘mumsy’, wanting to take care of everyone I’m with. If you don’t mine me being nosy (and sharing photos on my blog!) please do send me snaps of what’s in your handbag and this might well turn into a feature on the blog! Email me Cassie@Cassiefairy.co.uk


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