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Last week I shared the contents of my handbag with you all. It was quite a personal blog post because I think handbags are a rather secretive place where any number of odds and ends can be stashed. In fact, they are sometimes a very messy place that you wouldn’t want anyone else rummaging through – I’m pretty sure that I edited out a lot of receipts, empty sweet wrappers and 2ps from the bottom of my bag before I photographed it! Anyway, a lot of you were kind enough to get in touch to let me know that you enjoyed having a nosy inside my handbag and one lovely reader got in touch with her own handbag story.
Llinos from fab blog Whispers of Wellness sent me a photo of the contents of her handbag and told me all about what she carries and why, and here it is:
whats in my handbag
“I love my purse, I got it with a gift card in Debenhams.  The hedgehog is so cute! I’ve got a little angel charm on it too.  Then a pen, brush, tissues and paracetamol as essentials or emergency items.  My keyring is a lemur toy which was a gift, he is easy to find when I rummage in my bag for my car key! My perfume is Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine, and my lipstick is Bare Minerals ‘Feel the Love’.  A spritz and a dash of them are essential for a midday freshen up.”
As you saw from my handbag snaps last week, I too carry lots of ’emergency’ items including safety pins and mini screwdriver! It’s very interesting to see Llinos’ keyring too- I didn’t think to include my keys in my handbag blog post, but actually keys can be just as personal as the contents of the handbag itself. My caravan key has a cheeky ‘nice bottom’ keyring so I rarely take that one out of the house with me in case anyone spots it! My normal keys have a photo-keyring of my friends and I on a night out during our uni days and a small piece of wood painted in duck-egg blue that my brother made into a keyring for me so that I would always be able to ‘touch wood’ when the occasion arose!
Please check out Llinos’ blog at www.inspirationafterillness.com/blog it’s a very interesting read by such a lovely author! And if you too would like to share the contents of your handbag please send your photos to cassie@cassiefairy.co.uk – it would be great to hear from you 🙂


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  1. Thanks so much for sending in your handbag photo, it’s so interesting to read about other people’s stuff!! X

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