The last day of my Dryathlon

Today is that last day of January, and therefore it’s the last day of the Dryathlon. And I’m pleased to report that I haven’t touched a drop of drink throughout the whole month! Okay, I’ve still got half a day to go, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to resist reaching for a glass of wine until tomorrow. In case you missed my blog post about the challenge at the start of the month, I’ve been taking part in the Dryathlon and staying away from alcohol throughout January in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. And honestly, it’s been more difficult that I’d imagined. Let me share my  link before I start rambling on, in case you want to donate 😉dryathlon

So as someone who doesn’t really drink that much, is always happy to be a designated driver and doesn’t go too mad when she is on a night out, I thought that this would be quite a simple challenge for me. But it actually wasn’t as easy as I thought. There were a few occasions over the month where I actually had a drink in my hand but I stopped just before taking a sip. Yes, I’ve been sniffing other people’s drinks and whimpering a little when my friends enjoy a glass of wine. Even so, I’ve said no to every drink I’ve been offered, and have even passed on the chocolate liqueurs leftover from Christmas and avoided amaretto flavour hot chocolate in case it was cheating. Yay me!you booze you lose

Now that the month is almost over I can admit that it’s been much more difficult than I imagined and I’m sure that I’ll be having a drink tomorrow to celebrate. Okay, I’ve already arranged to meet friends for a lunchtime drink and I am sooo looking forward to that glass of wine! So with only a few hours left and half of my fundraising target reached, I want to ask you to please please please donate to my JustGiving page or text “FAIR77 £1” to 70070 to donate £1 to my TextGiving page and make this month worthwhile! I’m SO grateful for every donation, it has really kept me going this month so thank you all very much!


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8 thoughts on “The last day of my Dryathlon

  1. Haha great, thanks Cloe! Hope you enjoy reading it enough to make it to June! 😉 I will definitely do the Dryathlon again, I beat my target so I was really pleased 😀 xxx

  2. I’m starting from January with your blog haha! Well done on completing this – I’ve done it 3 years running, the first year the very hardest!

  3. Thanks Pili, I’m so pleased I raised some money for Cancer Research through the Dryathlon 😀

  4. Thanks so much Laura, it’s been tough but I’m so pleased that I got through it a raised some money for Cancer Research! :F

  5. Well done you,,,,January is prob the worst month of the year to after Xmas::: you shoukd be proud of yourself and for a good cause x


  6. soo good you went alcohol free for a month! I don’t drink and I never had a problem with it!

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