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When you are planning a wedding there is an abundance of things to organise, but simply choosing the right wedding venue can help to relive some of the stress from the process. More and more wedding venues are becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for your big day and are able to provide in-house catering, entertainment and decorations, not to mention providing recommendations of trusted floral suppliers, beauticians and cake-makers. 

Many women already have an idea in their head of what their special day would look like. It’s essential to feel like a princess on your special day and have a fairytale wedding, but many women are putting the needs of others first when planning their wedding with the aim of trying to keep all of their guests happy. Although you’ll need to consider your guests while planning you wedding – in terms of location, accessibility and dietary requirements – it’s important not to worry too much about your guests (or trying to impress them!) as having the wedding you’ve always wished for is essential. You’re only getting married once, after all!

Finding the perfect venue

If you do a search online you will find that there are a vast number of venues for weddings in Newcastle to choose from, so before you even start to look at the places for your wedding party, you will need to figure out some details first.

  • How many people will be attending the wedding?
  • What kind of food do you want at the wedding?
  • Do you want live entertainment at the wedding?
  • Do you need hotels close to the party for guests that are travelling?
  • Is there a particular style of venue you want?


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You will then be ready to start looking at the various venues online, and can check how each fulfils the criteria for your wedding. This will enable you to draw up a shortlist before even leaving the house (well, there’s no point visiting a venue for 50 people if your guest list is already over 100, is there?!) and you can call up each venue in turn and arrange to see the facilities that they have to offer.

Visiting the shortlisted venues

Having as big a list as possible of all potential venues in your area will really help at this stage, as you might find that there may be a conflict of dates, which could scupper your plans to use a particular venue. Having a long list of options will ease any disappointment caused by clashing dates and you can simply move on to the next visit to see what that venue has to offer.

Many venues offer a complete tailored service so they can arrange many aspects of your wedding so, when visiting, be sure to check whether the venue can assist you with the following:

If you can find a venue such that can coordinate all of these elements, this will make your planning much easier. All you need to do is to liaise with the venue’s wedding planner who will be able to take notes on your requirements, and then they can offer you a variety of different choices that they have available.

Expectations versus reality

When you are in the process of planning a wedding it’s a good idea to keep your expectations of the big day realistic, as it is very rare that someone can organise a wedding that goes without a hitch. You may find that your chosen date is not available at the church or venue for the reception, or that the entertainer or florists are already booked up. For this reason, it’s a good idea to go into the process with an open mind, and also try and be as flexible as possible.

With a little hard work and perseverance, you will be able to organise your special day to fulfil your dreams. Also remember that it is your special day and it is true what they say; it does not matter where you are, it is the company you are with and, most importantly, the person you are marrying!

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