Tuesday Shoesday – The World’s Most Expensive Prom Dresses

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Girls all around the globe are beginning to search for the ultimate prom dress, eager to distinguish themselves from their peers while looking grown-up and gorgeous. While some equate elegance with style, and choose bespoke quality to create a lasting impression, others value the price tag when it comes to what they deem a suitable prom night dress choice.  

What do you think? Is cost an important discerning factor when it comes to setting yourself apart from the pack? I can see how it may be a factor, but definitely not the only one. The key ingredients that make a prom dress worth a million words are probably not the same ingredients that make it worth a million dollars.

Today I wanted to share details of some of the most expensive prom dresses in the world. These dresses are glitzed-up to the max with real diamonds – oh yes, you’d need to be winning some serious money on the lottery to be wearing one of these beauties to your prom, ball or wedding! You’d have to be buying tickets for some of the biggest lotteries in the world before you could consider splashing out on these gowns – fingers crossed for a big win before your big day, eh?! So, what makes a prom night dress insidiously expensive? Oh you know, the usual. Diamonds, rare metals, the horns of unicorns and other fantasy creatures. What else?

Okay, okay, but seriously, there are some pretty out-of-touch designers out there. And yet, there are some fabulous retailers who know exactly how to make elegant prom dresses for 2015 that are way under 1 million dollars. However, we can dream, can’t we?

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In one example touted as “an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life”, UK-based designer Debbie Wingham won the title for most expensive dress on the entire planet by the World Record Academy (but not the Guinness Book of World Records?!). This particular dress weighed just under 30 pounds and consisted of 50 massive two-carat black diamonds. The total value of Debbie Wingham’s black diamond-laden dress was $5,682,950. Yikes.

While this elegant prom dress is not in the millions, it is still quite blingtastic! This lush example comes from Philadelphia and it is laced with diamonds from top to bottom. This one is pretty down to earth when you consider the previous example, and it gets even more interesting when you consider it also has a $398 price tag. Now there’s an excellent marketing tactic! It makes this dress seem like a value option when standing next to its black diamond encrusted twin.

And then there was Dress Goddess. This one still costs $4,000 even without the diamonds and $14,000 with them. Although in my opinion, this one is a much more elegant prom dress because it is not shamelessly slathered top to bottom with diamonds. Perhaps this is what makes it more classy – it is unassuming and classic looking. Even so it’s a little out of my price range, to say the least!

As it’s Tuesday Shoesday, I’ve also been taking a look at pretty accessories elegant enough for Cinderella and I’ve come up with these beauties from Thankfully there’s a 70% off sale on at the moment so now’s the time to get a bargain pair of shoes, even if your dress is due to cost hundreds!ASOS prom shoes in sale

Black beaded heels was £60 now £18 / Silver glitter courts now £16 / Nude satin heels now £20 

Let’s hope that teenagers around the UK are able to find something fabulous to wear to their proms without having to ask the parents to remortgage the house! I’ve seen plenty of bargains on the high street and online so be sure to shop around for the best deals.

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  1. Yeah we didn’t even have a prom back when I was at school, thank goodness I didn’t have to spend out all that money!

  2. These dresses are really expensive! I was never into that kind of stuff when I was at school so I missed out on prom (I was a total tomboy!) but looking back I think I made a good decision as I would regret spending so much money on a dress and accessories that I would only wear for one evening!

    Pop over to my blog and see what I’m upto 🙂


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