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While I’m planning on staying at home with not much to do for the whole of December, I sometimes envy those people who have booked an inspirational trip away during the festive period. Even though I love Christmas in the UK, skipping all the stress that sometimes comes with it does sound appealing! For those of you who are planning to spend time abroad this winter, one of the most special places to visit is Sicily.

Art and culture lovers will have a fabulous time in this historical destination. If you want to visit Sicily, you can check out the Mediterranean villas in Sicily also online to find a perfect holiday home as a base from which to travel around discovering the many beautiful museums, the stunning architecture and to soak up the cultural heritage of the place.


Sicily is known to possess a cultural heritage that has been passed down from different cultures. Proof of this can be seen in the many architectural ruins and buildings, as well as archaeological museums that hold a vast collection of artefacts. You will have the pleasure of seeing painted ceramics, bronze art, sculptures and ornaments carved with beautiful stories, as well as plenty of other interesting and extraordinary pieces.

Here are some of the best museums to visit.

  • Salinas Regional Archeological Museum in Piazza Olivella, Palermo houses a vast collection of archaeological finds that date back to the Sicanian, Phoenician, Greek and Roman eras including some items from the Paleo-Christian and Arab times.
  • The Paolo Orsi Museum in Syracuse is for those interested in ancient archeology. Items on exhibit are collections from Greek and Roman times such as the Landolina Venus.
  • The Regional Art Gallery in Syracuse also has on exhibit an interesting collection of Byzantine and medieval art.
  • The Whitaker Museum on the tiny island of Mozia provides a beautiful insight into the Phoenician and Carthaginian eras, making Mozia the most important existing Punic archaeological site on the island. You will be awed by the collection found there as well as the Greek Charioteer – one of the finest surviving examples of early Greek sculpture.
  • The Art Gallery of Catania housed in Castello Ursino has on exhibit an art collection mostly originating from the Renaissance period until the 19th century. At the same time, you will find the fortress quite interesting.
  • The Provincial Archaeological Museum on Contrada San Nicola 12 in Agrigento proudly exhibits a collection of Greek items that were recovered from the Valley of the Temples.

Archaeological Sites

There are also a good number of well-preserved Greek temples and amphitheatres. Some of the finest can be seen in the following:

  • In Agrigento, in the so-called Valley of the Temples. It is one of the most remarkable examples of art and architecture from the time of Magna Graecia. There are seven Doric temples on the site.
  • In Segesta, the ancient Greek temple can make a valid claim to being the most well-preserved in the world. The amphitheatre sits atop Mount Barbaro.
  • Parco Archeologico della Neapolis in Syracuse is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites, proof of the power found in ancient Syracuse. It has the largest Greek Theatre in Sicily that continues to hold classical plays. Visit also the Ear of Dionysius .
  • Parco Archeologico di Selinunte is the largest archaeological park in all of Europe. Here, you can find many temples that were painstakingly rebuilt and are denoted with letters of the alphabet in honor to a certain divinity. Notice the temple floors that bear traces of mosaics.
  • The Teatro Greco-Romano in Taormina is the second largest in Sicily. It is the site for the annual Film Festival and is still used for plays and other events.

Are you hoping to take a trip abroad this Winter? Will you be away for Christmas day itself? Let me know your plans so I can be jealous! Leave me a comment below or tweet me @Cassiefairy.

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