Inspirational quotes to get you through January – and the rest of the year!

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January feels really long this year, why is that? Even though it’s not been particularly cold or especially dark this year, I’ve still felt like January has been a bit ‘meh’. Nothing bad has happened, I’ve not had a tough month, it’s just a bit… hmm. It’s at this time of year that I start to look around for inspiration, and if you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed that the number of quotes I pin in January is seriously higher compared to the rest of the year. I love finding new inspiration in this way and I’ve decided that I want to keep good ideas at the forefront of my mind this year, so it’s time to treat myself to some lovely artworks that will improve my life.caterpillar into butterfly inspirational motivational happiness quote

Beautiful framed quote from my favourite Etsy shop I Heart The Home (just £10!)

I’m not exaggerating! Inspirational quotes, gorgeously designed and lovingly crafted, improve my home by adding a focal point to my wall or sideboard, making my surroundings more beautiful. Kind words in a pretty frame hanging where I can see them will give me a daily dose of happiness and put a smile on my face each day. Meaningful quotes pinned to my moodboard or propped up on my desk will keep me motivated in my work and focussed on my goals. Finding, choosing and displaying lovely words around my home is a win-win situation. So I’ve been browsing online to find some fabulous quotes that I love and I wanted to share these with you today this happy Monday morning.embroidery hoop art disney quoteAs Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films, I love this embroidered quote. At first glance it doesn’t seem like a Disney quote and many people wouldn’t recognise it as being Disney at all so it’s not overly girly. Take the words out of the song and the words are meaningful in themselves. When you’re living day-to-day, you probably forget to plan for adventures and this quote bring the idea to the forefront. I also enjoy the craftmanship of this delicately embroidered piece – check out this crafter’s Etsy shop Honey Lemon more for fabulous embroidered designs. I’d love to craft something like this myself so it’s already inspired me to learn new hand-stitching techniques so make a ‘matching’ design to add to my gallery of quotes. Plus, the words make me start singing the rousing song in my head, so that’s great news!motivational quote pencils for work deskSo, how about something for my desk? It’s got to be motivational, inspirational and useful, so I’ve searched Etsy for paperweights, calendars and mouse-mats; all of which can be customised with quotes and goals to remind me to work hard towards my goals. I adore these cute motivational pencils with the words ‘she who dares wins’, ‘work hard and be nice’ and (my fave!) ‘Goal Digger’ printed in gold. And in the Dottie Rocks Etsy shop there are lots of different sets of pencils with lines from films, make-you-laugh quips and inspirational quotes, so these personalised packs of pencils would make a great gift for your pals too.purrfect cat mug quote design from etsyWhy not find a quote for every room in your house? And even take some inspiration with you when you leave the house too? Here are some more of my favourites that I found on Etsy (honestly, where else is there to shop for such unique goodies?!) and I hope you’ll take a look for yourself and find the ideal quote for you…inspirational quote make up bag mirror woman

Pretty make-up case and purrrfect cat mug from The Best of Me Designs – these would be fabulous Valentines gifts!

inspirational quote tote bag dont look back motivational

Take inspiration with you thanks to these tote bags from Of Life And Lemonscuriouser jumper sweatshirt quote design etsy

Very cool sweatshirts from Lostshapesprints on Etsy

What do you think of my favourites? Would any of these quotes or products inspire you? Let me know your favourite quote by leaving me a comment below or tweeting me @Cassiefairy. Also check out my Pinterest boards for lots of happy quotes that I’m pinning daily haha! Enjoy the last week of January and keep an eye on my blog for lots of lovely Valentines inspiration coming up soon 🙂

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  1. Sure thing! It’s my friend Victoria’s shop so it would be great if you could share it! Thanks Becky 🙂

  2. Absolutely love the caterpillar quote! Is there a way I can share it on my Facebook page? Am happy for there to be a link to your Etsy shop. x

  3. I’m such a sucker for an inspirational quote! That embroidery sampler is adorable, I feel like I need this in my life! x

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