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It can be hard to find the right pair of party shoes to suit your overall style. You want them to be on-trend yet timeless, match your party outfit but go with everything, and ultimately, be comfortable enough to dance the night away. But where can you find all of that on a thrifty budget? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – I’m here to help! I’ve come up with some fail-safe tips to make your money go further while shopping for footwear this payday so read on to find out how to buy your dream footwear at bargain prices. Just call me your fairy godmother! 😉

First up are the bargains. The absolute steals. The very last of the January sales. Yes, it may seem like there’s not much left on the sale shelves by payday, but the deals are still out there. You just need to know where to look. The ethos of the #WomanKind campaign I’ve signed up for is to care for yourself, and I’m not just talking about healthy eating and getting exercise (although I’m certainly enjoying this aspect too), I’m talking about simply being kind to yourself. So treating yourself to something that will make you feel great is definitely part of it! As they say, Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, so I think that getting the right footwear is a great start to feeling confident, looking fabulous and being kinder to yourself. Luckily, at lot of fashion sales are still going strong online so you don’t need to wander up and down the high street hoping to find a bargain in order to give yourself a payday treat. Try Mr-Shoes, ASOS and Clarks, all of whom are still offering big discounts in their clearance sections.his and hers shoes mustard and rust from clarks summer sale 2015-2One problem with searching online is that the style you love might already be out of stock in your size. So try not to fall head-over-heels in love with anything you find in the sales just yet. Dig deeper and check out what sizes are available before deciding whether they are your ideal pair. Some fashion sites allow you to filter your search by size, so that’ll save you time by pulling up all the footwear in the right size for you so you can concentrate your efforts into choosing the right style. Speaking of which…tuesday shoesday nude peep toe wedge heel summer shoes 2013 from nextMy second thrifty tip is to only buy something if you know you’ll wear it more than once; the ‘go-with-anything’ factor. If you choose a glittery pair of ruby red shoes (okay, who doesn’t want those?!) they might look fabulous for one night out, but what about the rest of the month? Or the rest of the year, for that matter? Something that matches your outfit perfectly today probably won‘t be the right pairing tomorrow, so they’ll end up stuffed under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe, not being worn.

You probably already know how thrifty I am, so I don’t want to break the bargain-hunting habits of a lifetime just to give myself a #WomanKind treat. In fact, I know I’ll feel happier and more satisfied if I’ve made some boast-worthy savings at the same time! If you take your time to hunt out the right thrifty deal so you’ll feel super-content with your purchase and can quietly smile to yourself at what a bargain you got whenever anyone compliments you on your new shoes!tuesday shoesday back to school shoes from new lookShop sensibly with your head rather than your heart and choose a pair of shoes in a neutral colour. I’m talking timeless black, classic nude or subtle grey. These hues will take a back-seat against your outfits and will therefore work with lots of different colours, styles and trends. They’ll become your go-to pair of shoes for any occasion and the more often you wear them, the lower the cost-per-wear will be. Making the right choice at this stage will probably save you lots of money throughout the year because you won’t need to buy lots of pairs to match different outfits. Bonus!tuesday shoesday back to school black leather ankle shoes from new lookMy final tip is to prioritise comfort. Similar to choosing a neutral colour, this tip is the difference between “these are the only shoes I’ll ever need” and “quick, get me to the shoe shop for a new pair”. Comfortable shoes are essential if you want to have a special pair that you’ll wear time and again. No-one ever hobbled home shoeless with painful blisters after one party and then put those same shoes back on the next night, did they? Painfully high heels and rubbing straps are guaranteed to induce a chronic case of once bitten and twice shy!Shoes for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 from Hotter-7So in this instance, it’s a good idea to either shop for your new shoes in person so that you can try them on to make sure you can walk in them. Or you can shop online as long as you stick to styles that you know will be comfortable, such as wedge heels, flat court shoes, kitten heels or mid-height platform soles. I’ve failed a few times in this department when shopping online; buying shoes that were ridiculously high just because they were sparkly and pretty – so much so that I couldn’t even bend my feet into the right pointed-footed shape to even get into the shoes, let alone wear them! Although they were a bargain, I’ve never worn them out of the house so the cost-per-wear is crazy-high compared to my ‘investment’ boots that I’ve worn daily for a year!Shoes for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 from Hotter-4So if you’re shopping for payday party shoes this week keep in mind these thrifty tips and don’t forget that shopping counts as ‘me-time’ (something that 53% of women sacrifice, according the #WomanKind survey) so enjoy every moment and come home relaxed, happy and with a pair of shoes that will make you feel your confident best! Let me know how you get on with your bargain hunting. Leave me a comment below or tag me in your photos of your gorgeous new shoes on Instagram @Cassiefairy.

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