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Have you noticed just how popular wood flooring is again? Just browse interior design trends on Pinterest and you’ll find all the evidence you need. Despite the resurgence of lovely soft carpets, the popularity of hard-wearing sisal flooring and the design aesthetic of big chunky tiles, it seems like wood is beating all these flooring options hands down. Or should that be feet down? And I think I’ve worked out just why this is – here are my top 3 reasons why wooden floors are so popular:

1. Open-plan homes

For years we’ve been knocking rooms together and opening up our living spaces to create brighter and more spacious homes. No longer are kitchens tucked away, they’re now part of our eating-cooking-living rooms. With this lean towards open-plan living, the desire to have a seamless run of flooring that runs from room to room had led to the increase in the use of wood. Tiles throughout a living space would be cold, whereas carpet in a kitchen just isn’t practical. But wood floors can be easily cleaned, are comfortable underfoot and make a room feel cosy.

2. We’re seeing more of it
If you wanted to decorate a home in the past, you’d probably buy some interiors magazines or design books for inspiration. If you weren’t planning a renovation, you probably didn’t see many homes at all. But nowadays you can’t open up Pinterest or browse through Instagram without seeing hundreds of photos of gorgeous interiors, each more covetable than the next. So with these social sites and popular decor websites such as Houzz, we are simply seeing more rooms than ever before. And our mind tends to pull out similarities as we browse, which is why it seems like wood floors are everywhere. It’s simply the case that we’re opening our eyes to more and more images and noticing the elements that we like the most.
3. Improvements in flooring

In the past, if you wanted to get a wood effect on your floor, cheap laminate was the only solution. Unfortunately it didn’t always last very well and got a bit of a bad name for itself. But recent developments in DIY wood flooring mean that it is now possible to get a sturdy wood-effect floor that will actually last. In fact, I doubt you could even tell the difference between laminate flooring and a wooden floor these days. Realistic textures and colours mean that DIYers can replicate a real wood floor for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it has the added benefit of being water resistant, scratch resistant and hygienic as well as looking great in your home.
When it’s time for me to give my new home a makeover, I’ll definitely be considering wooden laminate for my own home. That seamless look makes homes look so much more spacious, is easy to keep clean and is a really versatile base for bringing in new season colours or textures. It can be jazzed up with rugs and mats in different patterns and will offer a light and airy feeling in the summer. In an open plan space, what’s not to love?
Let me know what type of flooring you have in your home and whether you’re considering making the switch to wooden flooring. Perhaps you already have a modern laminate floor in your home and your friends really can’t tell the difference? Leave me a comment below to let me know or tweet me a photo of your own open-plan home to @Cassiefairy.

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