Guest post: Last minute wedding tips to help you enjoy your big day!

Bridezilla is a state that a bride may occasionally morph into under times of tremendous stress. Though seldom seen, when a bridezilla does make an appearance, bridesmaids, wedding planners, and even the groom take refuge. We’re all well aware of the stress that comes from planning a wedding; money, time, and the looming eternal commitment to another human make for a pretty potent concoction of stress. To decrease the odds of morphing into a bridezilla here are some tips for last minute wedding planning.

Designate a point person

You’ve been preparing for your wedding for months. So, when the rehearsal dinner finally comes around you should have all your plans already mapped out. However, there are going to be plenty of people who aren’t privy to your very detailed plans. Instead of carrying the burden of your entire wedding plan, offload the plan to a friend who can then answer any questions your guests may have. Make sure your guests know that all questions should be directed towards your trusty sidekick.

Where’s the band?

On your phone you currently have access to just about every song ever recorded. If you’ve had a difficult time finding the perfect band or compiling the ideal set list don’t worry – you’ve got all of your favourites right in your pocket. If you feel that it’s lame to solely rely on your ipod for your music, hire or ask one of your friends to DJ. There’s easy to use DJ software like Virtual DJ and DJ ProDecks that are free and require little training to learn. You no doubt already have a friend or acquaintance who’s familiar with such a program or is willing to learn.

Decorating the venue

The myriad of design options you have to choose from can be overwhelming. Being the wedding perfectionist you probably are, you’re going to want to comb over every option in the attempt to find a theme that lives up to your expectations. Instead of embarking on a never-ending search for decorations that you’ll probably regret choosing in the end anyway, purchase a ready-made kit that entails all the necessary design ingredients.


Understand why you’re going through all this trouble in the first place. The only people that matter in the grand scheme of things are you and the person you’ll be marrying. Don’t let all the planning detract from the whole purpose of having a wedding. It’s unlikely that your guests will notice that carnations were delivered instead of roses, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Focusing in on the things that have not quite gone to plan could actually sour the whole occasion. Hand over responsibility to your family, friends and bridesmaids and simply enjoy your big day!

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