My new Christmas decorations theme – Blush pink & oodles of glitter

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So now that bonfire night has exploded all around the country last weekend, I think I can safely move on to Christmas. That’s the rule, is it? Halloween? Check! Bonfire night? Check! Christmas? Ohhh yeaaah! Here it comes! Which is precisely why I’ve waited until now to show you my new festive decorations. I’ve been shopping this week (can you believe how many shops are full of festive stuff already?!) and was easily tempted to pick up some new bits n christmas-decorations-pink-heritage-vintage-glittery-trend-winter-2016-baubles-decorations-xmas-8In fact, the prices of my new decs were so good that I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer, because I know that some of you will be the same as me and will be hunting out your new decorations for this year’s theme soon and I want to help you get a bargain. I usually stick to the same colours every year and have plenty of baubles that I’ve collected over the past decade that must go on the tree. But this tree is going to end up in the bedroom so I wanted to go for a different look this year.

As always I was inspired by Pinterest (here’s my Christmas board if you want to take a look) and I found myself pinning more and more handmade baubles and ballerina pink hues. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without oodles of glitter so discoball-esque decorations were definitely on the cards. I found the exact dusky pink shades of Christmas decorations that I wanted on the Homebase website but decided to go along to the shop to buy them ‘in person’ so that I could see the size of the baubles and how they looked side by side.

I found so many more options in store that I didn’t even notice on the website so I picked up a few more packs than expected. Even so, I didn’t spend more than £14 on ALL these decorations. A full 1.8m tall tree was covered in this pretty pink theme (including two very special handmade baubles at £2 and £2.50 – my showstoppers!) for this low price. The mini baubles were only £2 for a pack of 20, can you believe it?

I think almost all of my decorations came from the Heirloom range. It’s a collection of dusky pink and silver tones, antique-style shapes and faded mercury glass hand-me-down designs. There’s actually a pack of 50 baubles available in this range for just £9 (with star tree-topper included) which would cover a tree nicely, but I wanted to choose my own selection of heart-shapes, glitter finishes and a variety of bauble sizes.

A 24 pack of large baubles in pink, silver and white snow-ball glitter was only £3. These covered the tree nicely before I’d even started on my ‘special’ decorations. The little shatterproof hearts in matt and shiny finishes came in a pack of 16 for £3.50. The magpie in me loved the iridescent glitter baubles and at only £2.50 for a pack of 12, there was no way that I wasn’t taking them home with me! I think the pack of 20 glitter snowflakes were from a different range – the rather Frozen-esque Nordic Shelter range – but they were £2.50 and I think they work well with the rest of the Heirloom collection.

Ok, I admit it, I actually decorated the tree at the weekend. I couldn’t wait any longer. And seeing my nephew and niece admiring it with sparkling eyes when the popped round was SO worth it. Yes, I may have tizzed them up a little too soon about Christmas, but I wanted to know what they wanted from Father Christmas so that I could head out to the shops this week to buy their prezzies.

What do you think of this blush rose and white theme for my Christmas tree? It’s so completely different from anything I’ve tried before but I really like the finish. I don’t think it’s ‘too girly’ at all, it’s more snowy than in-yer-face pink so it’s definitely still what I would call a ‘traditional’ Christmas tree. Oh, and the pink candy canes are Swizzlers ones so they have sherbet and chewy centres – it’s taking all my self-control not to eat them straight away.

My cats have already been sitting under the tree and batting the baubles off the branches, so I think they’re happy with it too. Let me know what colours and style you’re going for this Christmas by leaving me a comment below or tweet me a photo of your decorations to @cassiefairy or tag me in your Christmas tree pics on instagram @cassiefairy.

Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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