10 Interior design tips & tricks to maximise your space

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We all strive for more space in our homes (just so we can buy even more stuff to fill it!) and it can be an expensive and time-consuming option to move house to get that extra space. I always seem to run out of space – no matter how much decluttering I do! So, what can you do in your home to create more room without having to actually buy or rent a bigger house or build an extension? Here are ten interior design tricks which can really help to maximise the space in your property.


1. Wall space is underrated but people just aren’t making the most of shelving. Shelves can be a lot more stylish than your standard plywood and metal shelf – you could go down the glass route or alternatively, and far trendier, are the rustic floating timber shelves. Build shelving into alcoves (or even put them above doorways – as I did in my last home!) to really make the most of every inch of space.

2. Get rid of any bulky furniture that doesn’t fit flush to the walls – things like dressing tables and standalone furniture that you could definitely live without. House Beautiful recommends that you opt for made-to-measure fitted furniture to maximise your storage and make rooms look cleaner, tidier and much brighter.

3. Downsizing your bed may seem like a disastrous idea but not many bedrooms in a smaller house have the capacity for a king size bed. Switching back to a double will enhance the space in your bedroom. You can still use your cosy king size duvet cover and squishy cushions though, so you don’t need to buy new bedding – just a double fitted sheet for your new mattress.

4. Transform all the seating in your home into storage. We’re talking benches that can open – window seats, ottomans, chests, and more. You can really make the most of where you’re sitting if you just turn it into useable space.

5. If you want to create the illusion of space, Apartment Therapy recommend you camouflage your furniture simply by painting your wall the same colour. This way, the furniture won’t grab your attention so much; painting the skirting boards the same colour will also make the room seem taller.

6. Letting light in can make small spaces seem enormous if done in the right way. Lighting a room with electrical lights can have a harsh effect in comparison to a large window letting in some natural light. If you’re struggling to identify a wall in which a window could be added, maybe it’s time you invested in some velux windows in your roof to flood your house with a bit more light.

7. Perhaps a little bit drastic but have you ever considered converting your attic space? You will need planning permission that is usually fairly straightforward to get – as long as there is room to stand up in the attic you should be able to go forward with the process.

8. Don’t be afraid to use big pieces of artwork instead of lots of little pieces of art and pictures. Having wide artwork on the walls can actually make it feel like you are in a bigger house.

9. Keep your surfaces clear around the home. Clutter makes spaces feel instantly smaller so make a diary note to have a regular sweep of any unwanted paperwork and long-read magazines.

10. Introduce some stripes to your walls; just like wearing vertical stripes, they have a slimming and heightening effect on your home too. If you want to go to town with the stripes, it’s best to keep it to the small rooms in the house such as the downstairs loo.

I hope these interior design tips have helped to give you some new ideas for ways to decorate your own home. Let me know what tricks you use to make the most of your space or to make a room feel bigger by leaving me a comment below or by tweeting me @Cassiefairy to chat.

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  1. Ahh keeping the walls and ceiling the same could is a really good idea for making the space feel bigger, I’ll try this!

  2. I use mirrors on my walls to enhance space and light. Also doors can be used like walls for pictures, calendars, memo boards, mirror tiles. If not a fire door think about using coloured glass to maximise light/space.
    I painted every ceiling, wall and woodwork except doors pale grey and had pale grey flooring throughout in my tiny flat and it looked twice as big straight away. Doors were chocolate brown. Colour came from accessories.
    It wasn’t the colour that made it feel bigger it was not having the space broken up by demarcation of ceiling, skirting ect.

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