4 budget-busting tips for your wedding day

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Put the word ‘wedding’ in front of anything and suddenly the cost goes up. It’s insane to think how much the average wedding costs. In the days when I got married 14 years ago, there wasn’t half the choice there is now. Then again, the services that were available didn’t cost half as much as they do today! But, your big day doesn’t have to mean big bucks. On the contrary, even the most thrifty of brides can have a day fit for a princess without having to break the bank. After all, a wedding is just one day; marriage is for a lifetime. So, if you’re a bride on a budget, how can you make sure that your day is one to remember without having to splash out? Let’s find out.


The DIY bride is now a big thing with more and more people taking the plunge in creating their own wedding accessories. From invites, to bouquets to decor, most brides are now popping along to their local craft store to find out what they can make themselves. If you’re something of an expert baker, you could bake your own wedding cake. Unleash your inner creativity – not only will you save money, but you will also have a thoroughly personal wedding. After all, who wants something that everyone else can have? It’ll be utterly bespoke and personal to you.

Call in favours

While some of us don’t relish the thought of asking for help, your wedding day is something that you will need help with. What’s more, people will be more than happy to help and get stuck in. If you’re not something of a master crafts(wo)man, take advantage of the help of people who can. If your mum is something of a world class chef, get her to do the catering. Professional caterers cost a small fortune, and this is an excellent way to save money and make sure that everyone is fed and happy. If you know a guy who has a fancy car, ask if he’ll give you a lift to your venue. There are some practical ways to save money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Don’t opt for tradition

The traditional church wedding is super costly, but more and more couples are opting out of the traditional wedding route. Why not say your vows outdoors? Source a local Tipi manufacturer and see what farmers fields are available and have an al fresco wedding. Outdoor summer weddings are big news. Not only will your wedding be contemporary, but it will also be significantly cheaper to opt for this kind of venue. A small compromise in where you get married can save you a lot of money.

Keep the guest list small and personal

If there is one thing that is going to give you nightmares, it’s the guest list. You might feel sorry if you don’t invite half of your great aunts and extended family, but you also haven’t seen them in ten years. It’s a quandary. The key to keeping your wedding in budget is to keep the guest list small and intimate. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t seen someone for over a year, do you really need them involved in your big day? What’s more, you’ll have the people around you that matter the most.

These are just a few tips for cutting costs on your big day and there are plenty more thrifty ideas on the blog – just search for ‘wedding’ to see all my blog posts on the subject. What other tips can you share with our thrifty brides? Leave me a comment below to let us know how you saved money on your big day and how you made the most of the skills you have.


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