How to create more space in a child’s bedroom

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Sure, I’m no expert on kid’s bedrooms, but whenever you’re planning the design of any room in the home, you’ll want to be as economical with space as possible – and your child’s bedroom is no exception. There are a variety of inventive ways you can save space without skimping on quality or aesthetics. I wrote about space saving design for us adults earlier this year so, to introduce you to some space-saving wizardry for kids, I’ve now come up with a list of tips and tricks you can you use in your child’s bedroom to make the most of the space:


Wall-mounted fittings

By defying gravity and freeing up precious floor space for playing, wall mounted fittings are a blessing for saving space. Items such as lamps, bedside tables and fold-down desks use the walls for structural support, allowing you to generate space beneath them, that wouldn’t otherwise exist. With a surprising air of elegance, even wall mounted wardrobes are increasingly becoming popular with parents. Sleek wall-mounted shelves and hanging rails are replacing the bulky, oppressive wooden wardrobe, and are much safer too. At least your little one won’t be able to topple the wardrobe over by pulling themselves up. Don’t be surprised if we see the traditional wardrobe becoming extinct in the near future as rails take over.

Book, books and more books

If you have a small child, it is safe to assume that you are inundated with books. Well, there’s nothing better than a bedtime story for encouraging children to get into bed, is there?! Investing in vertical wall-mounted book racks is an innovative way of turning the books into an artistic addition to the décor. Children’s picture books tend to be adorned with colourful illustrations, and by hanging them in vertical book racks, you can create a vivid, illustrative tapestry on your child’s walls. Similarly, a chair library (or simply a hollow chair) is another inventive way to use pretty picture books as a decorative tool without sacrificing any additional space. Ease of access is a bonus; from the comfort of the chair, any book you wish to read is within arm’s reach.

High sleeper

The benefits of high sleeper beds are many. Climbing a ladder to get into bed makes sleeping seem like an altogether more interesting and worthwhile pursuit, for a start! The space vacated by the traditional bed can be used for anything from a pull-out bed or lounging zone, to useful storage space or an extra play area. In fact, turning the space under the bed into a den gives kids another place to play and be imaginative. 

I hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for finding a little extra space in your child’s bedroom. Children accumulate so much stuff so anything that helps with storage or creating extra space to play has got to be a good thing, right? Let me know how you’ve decorated your own kids’ bedrooms by leaving me a comment below and I’d be interested to see some photos so please tag me on on twitter @Cassiefairy or instagram @Cassiefairy.

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