One for the fellas: How to plan the perfect proposal

Hello guys! So you're thinking about proposing to your significant other, are you?? When you are about to ask the love of your life to carry out the biggest act of commitment, you want everything to be perfect, so there are few aspects of the proposal to take into account before you get down on one knee....

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You’ll want a beautiful ring that will sit perfectly on their finger. You will want the proposal to take place in a meaningful, tranquil and beautiful space and you will want to inform your family and friends of the great news in the most appropriate way. Here are some tips for proposing in style…

The Setting

Where are you going to propose? There are countless wonderful places. Perhaps your partner’s favourite its restaurant? If you are proposing in a public space, it’s best to inform staff members before you pop the big question – they will often be able to help in the process, making sure that everything runs to plan. Maybe you are planning to propose during a mini break to a romantic city like Paris, Rome or Venice. Again, preplanning is key.

You should arrange the spot before you leave home, so you know exactly where to go. You don’t want to be wandering aimlessly through unknown streets, itching to get down on one knee but not knowing quite where. Regardless of the setting, you should also pay attention to the finer details. Scatter a few handpicked rose petals, maybe arrange a banner with a message hanging in your hotel room upon arrival and be sure to have champagne at hand, ready to be popped!

The Ring

Unless you are a professional jeweller, the wedding ring is one of the few aspects of your big day that you cannot make yourself. So find a professional who can effectively realize your ideas for you, but where to start? There are so many designers out there that it’s difficult to know which to go for. You need a reliable, reputable brand that you can count on – this IS a long term investment piece after all! A good place to look would be diamonds by Lauren. These are beautiful designs which will catch anyone’s eye when they’re adorning your partner’s left hand and are renowned for their quality and longevity. Try to find out your partner’s ring size before making any purchases. You don’t want them to say yes, only to find that the ring doesn’t fit at all as you attempt to slip it onto their finger. One trick to use here is to borrow an existing ring from their jewellery collection and take it with you to the jewellerers to find out the size – just make sure it’s one that your parter usually wears on their ring finger! You also want to ensure that they adore it so stick to their usual style (platinum, rose gold or yellow gold) and add a few diamonds! Nobody wants to wear something that they’re not all too fond of for the rest of their life.


Most people announce their engagement on social media nowadays. But how about sending out engagement cards instead? This will take people by surprise. Make them with a good quality card, an image of you and your partner (perhaps in the location of your engagement) and an announcement in a beautiful font. You can also prepare guests for upcoming the wedding invitations to follow by including a “save the date” announcement. For an extra touch, add confetti inside. Older generations in particular will appreciate this approach, as they may not have social media and could easily miss out on the news.

Best of luck with your proposal! Let me know if you have any other suggestions for making a proposal really memorable by leaving me a comment below. And if you’re already married, please share your own proposal story, I’d love to hear how it happened for you!

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