5 Tips for healthy sleep

Health professionals cannot stress enough about how important sleep is for your mind, body, and overall health in the future. So I want to help those of you who struggle to sleep by sharing a few tricks of the trade to ensure that your body gets the beauty and health rest that it needs daily.

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When it comes to sleep, there is no joking around. Here are some ways to help you get a better night’s sleep:

1. Address your insomnia

Sleepless nights can happen to just about anyone. Though the cause for insomnia can vary between individuals, it can affect one in three people. You may want to take a step back and consider your daily routine and see if you practice any of the strange causes of insomnia that I blogged about last year.

First, brushing with an intense flavoured toothpaste, such as a strong mint-flavoured one, has the ability to keep you awake. A recent study revealed that people who were exposed to the scent of peppermint oil stayed awake for 11 minutes longer compared to individuals who were not exposed to the scent. Unusual, huh? But if switching your toothpaste will rally make a difference, why not give it a try?

2. Stay in a place conducive to sleep

You need to create a restful sleep environment, starting with the right temperature. Create a quiet, cool, and dark environment that will relax your mind and body. In order to create such an environment, make sure to minimise the amount of noise that goes into your bedroom. Lower the volumes on electronics such as your television or use white noise machines to drown out any harsh sounds. If these do not work for you, you can also invest in soundproof windows that will effectively keep out any outside noise such as yowling cats or barking dogs from interfering with your sleep. Soundproof windows can do wonders to the sleep environment in your bedroom.Use sleep masks to block out any unwanted light, and keep your bedroom at a cool 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also best to make sure that your mattress, pillows, blankets, and bedding are comfortable, and bear in mind that mattresses tend to wear out after 10 years. I got an all-seasons duvet earlier this year (above) and having the thin summer duvet on the bed when temperatures were soaring has already helped me to sleep better in hot weather.

3. Know your sleep-wake cycle

Try to stay synchronized with your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Keeping your circadian rhythm in check is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. This will ensure that you are getting the rest that you need and you will wake up refreshed and energised. Remember that sleeping at different hours of the day can make you feel sluggish and unrested so, if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, refrain from that afternoon nap and try to make it through to bedtime.

4. Lull yourself to sleep

Create a soothing pre-sleep routine that will relax your body to prepare you for bed. Baths are a great way to relax the body before you hit the sack. The rise and fall of body temperature helps you to become drowsy. Combine this with other restful activities such as reading a book, listening to an LP, or try relaxing exercises. Avoid stimulating activities that could give you a surge of energy right before you got to bed.

5. Keep yourself active during daytime

Exercising during the day is another way to ensure that you get a good night’s rest. Regular exercise can the quality of sleep of your sleep and provides more energy during the day. The more active the exercise, the better the sleep benefits. However, if your body is not fit for high intensity activities, light walking for 10 minutes or more can also give you the sleep you need.

I hope that my tips above will help you to doze off quickly into dreamland. Remember that adequate sleep allows our body to recharge and prepare us for the next day so I really hope your sleep pattern sorts itself out soon. Please leave me a comment to let me know your own tips for winding down and getting a good night’s sleep.

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  1. I agree Bry, a routine really helps my brain to realise that it’s bedtime 😉

  2. No.4 is so important! No matter how tired or exhausted I am, no matter how late it is, I will always go through my pre-bed routine/ritual so that my body and mind both can start to unwind and prepare for the next 8 (let’s be honest, 10) hours ahead x

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