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While the high rate of technological advancement we’ve been enjoying over recent years has made life easier (and more fun!) us all, these developments are not without negative impact on the environment. The use of machinery, fuels, the increase in population and corruption of natural resources like water have eroded quality of the atmosphere. I think it’s important for each of us to be aware of the impact our actions have on the environment and do our best to choose the eco-friendly option whenever possible. ‘Living green’, conserving energy and preventing pollution as much as possible is something I’m passionate about so I thought I would blog about a few things that we can all do to improve the quality of our environment…

1.    Choose Recycling Services

Instead of improperly disposing the waste that piles up when doing work on your home in the househole rubbish bin, we should recycled waste as much as possible. This has been important to be while renovating my home, and I’ve been separating metal from wood, and plastic from cardboard so that I can take it to the waste recycling centre after each job. Alternatively, you can hire a waste recycling skip provider to take care of it for you. If you’re living in the heart of the UK, there are various options for skip hire in London, such as Envirowaste. Choose an environmentally conscious company that values the importance of recycling. Using a skip will help you get rid of construction waste very easily, as you don’t have to lug ceramic tiles, bricks or the old kitchen sink to the tip in the back of your car.

2.    Strive to Plant More Trees

We all know the importance of trees in the existence of this planet and the survival of its inhabitants. Trees are our primary source of oxygen. They help remove carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, control floods and prevent soil erosion, provide us with fruit and timber, and act as a habitat for wildlife. The percentage of forests remaining in the world has dropped drastically due to deforestation on a massive scale. One small yet important thing you can do to help with this problem is to plant more trees in your own garden. I can’t wait to start planning out my new garden and will definitely be growing some new trees on my plot.

3.    Conserve Electricity and Water

You would be surprised by the amount of energy that is consumed by activities that seem meagre at first glance. A significant amount of energy is used in actually producing electricity and clean water in the first place. The simple act of turning off lights and other electrical equipment when they are not being used, having proper insulation, fixing leaks, purchasing gadgets that are energy efficient and making maximum use of daylight are just a few ways that can help to reduce the daily amount of energy used.

4.    Adopt the Waste Hierarchy

The waste hierarchy consists of the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. Arranged in order, the waste hierarchy is created to reduce the accumulated waste, improve the waste management systems and shrink the negative impact that waste has on the environment. Reducing the amount consumed and produced in the first place will lessen the quantity of waste that is added to landfill. Reusing some items for different purposes instead of throwing them in the bins and recycling items like paper, plastic, aluminium cans and glass into different useful products will further reduce the total waste that amasses in the environment.

These basic steps are enough to set you on the right track when it comes to saving the environment and embracing a greener lifestyle. I hope that you’ll consider planting some trees and recycling your waste, it’s certainly something I’m much more interested in since having my first home. Let me know the step you take to be more ‘green’ in your own home by leaving me a comment below 🙂

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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