How to help your fella create the dream proposal (& choose the perfect ring!)

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Watching your man get down on one knee and pop the question is an exciting prospect. So how can you make sure that the jewellery in that box is the ring of your dreams? It’s going to be on your hand for a long time so you want something beautiful. Thankfully, there are ways to point your hubby-to-be in the right direction (and reassure him that you’ll be saying yes!) so read on to find out some tips…

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Go Window Shopping

Probably the biggest cliché is to go window shopping when you are out and about. Of course, men aren’t silly and they know when their lady is dropping a hint so it’s a great way to let your intended know that you’ll be saying yes to his future proposal. Looking in windows and pointing at rings is one of the best methods because your guy will pick up on your likes and dislikes. You don’t even have to do it in-store because you can window shop online by browsing a jewellery site like 77 Diamonds together. Just casually point out your favourites and don’t be too obvious – this will give him some flexibility to make the decision himself, while still ensuring that you’ll like the ring he chooses.

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Use Social Media

Is there anything social media can’t do? It appears not because a platform like Pinterest is awesome for wedding planning. And yes, that does include creating a board for wedding and engagement rings! If you’ve already discussed weddings and are starting to plan your future together, you can even make him a contributor to your Pinterest boards. Start a board call ‘dream places to visit’ and add your ideal proposal destinations. Also, don’t be afraid to ‘like’ jewellers on Facebook and re-tweet engagement posts on Twitter. Because you are linked on social media, he will be able to follow the digital breadcrumbs to the perfect ring and proposal.

Leave a trail

Most ladies know when their man is going to propose, sometimes even before he does! There’s no harm in using this knowledge to your advantage. In the run up to your engagement, your fella will be looking for clues as to which ring to buy, and you can help by leaving a trail. Why not leave a jewellery webpage (or that Pinterest board you made…) open on your unattended laptop? He won’t be able to resist a cheeky browse and will find all the information he needs.

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A little help from your friends

Do you have a friend who is recently married or engaged? Good, because they are the perfect people to speak to in front of you man. As they are already engaged, there is nothing wrong with the girls ‘talking shop’ about the ring and other nuptials. During the conversation, you can drop in your likes and dislikes so that your hubby-to-be gets the hint. Plus, seeing how excited you are about your friend’s wedding might make him even more eager to propose to you. 

If you’re already engaged let me know how your other half proposed to you in the comments below – I’d lvo to hear your stories!

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