Why carpet tiles are the thrifty choice for a designer look in your home

What do you think of when I say ‘carpet tiles’? Grey office buildings? School hallways? The budget option that your mum made you have in your bedroom as a teen? Well, the style of this type of sectional flooring has moved on a lot in the last decade or so, and it’s now a design feature (rather than a design failure) to have carpet tiles in your home. Today I’ll show you how this thrifty flooring option can look great in your home and why you should consider it next time you’re laying a floor.

Let’s begin with the fact that carpet tiles are a bargain. Starting at around £1 per tile, they’re an affordable way to cover any floor with something soft underfoot. And the other highlight of carpet tiles is that, if you spill something on them (cue me with a cup of tea) you can easily replace the stained tile without having to re-carpet the entire room. Sure, you can spend more on fancy designs or different textures, but the practicality of carpet tiles means that even the most spendy of tiles can be swiftly replaced when damaged, and at a much lower cost than an entire carpet.

In terms of design, carpet tiles are the best way to make a feature of your floor. No longer only available in dusty grey and muddy beige, carpet tiles are available in a range of bright colours, enabling you to make a bold statement in your room. Choose a selection of similar hues to create a subtle, tartan-esque carpet (wouldn’t this be great in a holiday home – especially if guests make a mess and you need to replace part of the carpet?) Or pick bold colours for a bright patchwork effect floor.

Use different colours to create ‘zones’ for working, resting and eating in an open plan space. This technique can highlight walkways around the space, and means that these high traffic routes can easily be replaced when they wear out. If you don’t want to make such a bold statement, why not use muted tones as the background to a ‘rug’ of bright carpet tiles in the centre of the living space?

And one of my favourite ways to use carpet tiles is by cutting them up. I’m talking about slicing through the centre to create triangles, and mixing them up to create a funky geometric floor pattern. Or you could trim them into quarters and create a min patchwork of pastel hues for a kids room. When you start snipping away at carpet tiles, the possibilities are endless.

Let me know if this blog post has convinced you to use carpet tiles in your own home – or do you already have them? Leave me a comment below to share your ideas for a mix-n-match design and any tips you have for caring for your cool new designer floor – I’d love to hear from you.

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