5 DIY projects where renting equipment may help (+ save you money!)

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Some DIY projects can be completed with minimal equipment, time, and effort. However, there are other projects that can take more time, effort, money, and equipment to do it right. Whether you want to build a retaining wall, get rid of dead trees, or landscape your garden, there are many DIY projects that may require you to rent equipment to complete your project. Equipment such as an excavator, backhoe, or wheel loader don’t come cheap and if you were purchasing the equipment it could add a significant amount to your project budget. Here are 5 projects than can be accomplished more easily with rented machinery:

Building an addition onto your home

If you are planning to build on an addition to your home, this could be quite a project to take on. It is best to complete this type of project with others so that you do not get hurt and making sure you have the right machinery will help the project run smoothly. A cement mixer is probably an essential piece of equipment for this type of project. Before you begin a project such as this, be sure to check for local policies and rules relating to adding on to your current property. There could be permits that you need to acquire before you can add on to your home. In addition, you may have to pay extra taxes as your property is now more valuable and you will have added square footage to your home.

Get rid of extra trees from your property

Having a home with trees can be an asset but when the tree dies or gets damaged by the weather, it can be a nightmare to manage. If the tree is near your home, it is best to get it removed so that it does not fall onto your roof and damage your home. It can be a big investment to get rid of trees on your property which is why many try to cut them down on their own – even so, a chainsaw is a big (and dangerous) piece of equipment to use if you’re not familiar with it. If you have the trees cut down my a professional you may need still need to hire some equipment to mulch the trees afterwards. This will help you clear the plot and get it ready for landscaping.

Landscape your yard

If you are planning to fully re-landscape your yard, it is a good idea to rent an excavator or digger that can be used to dig up dirt, shrubs, and small trees easily. This will help clear your property quickly so that you can then begin to rebuild your garden. Moving rubble to create terraces or driveways can be done by a bulldozer, and it’ll take a fraction of the time as manually moving and levelling it would.

Add a pond to your garden

If you are planning to add a pond to your backyard, you will need to dig a substantial hole in the ground. While it IS possible, it would take forever days to dig a hole with a single shovel. That is why it is best to rent a mini digger or backhoe to help excavate a hole quickly. Digging a hole is the most challenging part of the entire pond project so renting the equipment will make it so much easier and quicker to achieve. Then all you need to do is line the pond, plant up with marine foliage and enjoy your new water garden.

Build a retaining wall

If you want to build a retaining wall, you will need to rent an excavator to help prep your property. Once you have cleared out the area in which you want to build your wall, you can return the equipment and start building. Mixing mortar can be a slow process but using a mixer may speed up the bricklaying process a little.

Renting equipment will help you cut down on expenses, speed up the project completion time, and help you accomplish your project. I sought the advice of https://www.smartcastequipment.com to help me put together this list of tasks and tips so thanks to them for making this blog post possible. Let me know what large-scale projects you’re planning for your own home or garden this year, and I’d love to hear about your experiences of renting equipment so please leave me a comment below

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