4 Easy DIY home cleaning hacks that will make your life better

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Having a clean and well-organised home is a great way to impress your guests and neighbours. Moreover, removing clutter is also considered an effective way of reducing your stress levels and promoting the health and well-being of everyone in the household. But as much as we want to make our homes spotless and gleaming, cleaning your home is not an easy task at all; even more so if you have a larger space and more people are living in your household.

Fortunately, there are a lot of hacks that you can try to make your regular home cleaning tasks less complicated. These tips and tricks do not only help you cut down the time it usually takes using the conventional methods, but they are also very effective and easy to follow. Check out these 4 easy home cleaning tasks that will make your life better and start spending more quality time with your family.

  1. Remove hard water stains with vinegar

Hard water stains on faucets, shower heads, tiles, and bathtubs are surely a sad sight. And most of the time, using plain soap and water is not enough to get rid of them. One quick and easy way to remove hard water stains is to use vinegar. Simply soak a cloth or paper towel in white vinegar and wrap it around the stained area. Remove the towels after 30 minutes, wipe the surface dry, and see how your kitchen and bathroom will look sparkling clean again. You may wash the surfaces with soap and water to remove the scent of vinegar.

  1. Use aluminium foil to remove rust

From kitchen knives to water pipes inside the bathrooms, rust can build up over time. Remove these tough stains without spending too much on harsh chemicals by using aluminium foils. Simply rub the metallic portion of the foil onto the rusty surface. The aluminium will chemically react with the rust, making it easier to remove with light scrubbing.

  1. Use sticky tapes to remove dust and crumbs

Children are notorious for leaving crumbs on the floor when eating their favourite snacks. It may be easy to clean up the mess but taking your vacuum cleaner in and out of the storage room every now and then can be very tiring. You can use a small piece of cardboard instead and line it with sticky tape. Dab the sticky board to floors, carpets, sofa, and other surfaces while making sure not to press it too much as the adhesive might get stuck to the surface. Plus, did you know that using rubber gloves is a great way to clean pet hair? Rub your gloved hand over the carpet to pick up excess hairs from that your pet has shed.

  1. Clean glass and mirrors without using dangerous chemicals

There are actually a lot of ordinary home items that work well to clean waxy and cloudy mirrors and window glasses. A white vinegar solution is most commonly used while black tea extract, baking soda, lemon juice, and antiseptic alcohol work well too.

My thanks go to Gleem for the thrifty DIY cleaning tips in this article. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable home cleaning company in the UK, then Gleem Cleaning in Bristol & Bath is what you need. The staff is composed of only the best and highly-experienced cleaning professionals in the country. Let me know your own cleaning hacks by leaving me a comment below.

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