Taking on a Project: Power Tools for Renovating a House

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The British obsession with buying and selling property is just as engrained today as it’s ever been. Taking on a project, whether it’s to eventually live in or to sell on for a profit, is more doable than ever – why? YouTube! The video sharing site and the wider world of the internet is the go to place for DIY advice, instruction and tips.

But renovating a house is going to take more than just a screwdriver, a hammer and some electrical tape – you need power tools! For reviews on the latest power tools, BestofMachinery is a great site to check out. They provide detailed guides to help you find the right tools for your DIY project. After doing my research, I’ve come up with a list of essential tools you’ll need before tackling a home renovation, so read on to find out my top 5 favourites…

Bring on the Power Tools

Power tools have become an essential for every homeowner. Getting one from your local shop or online on Best of Tools can be a very exciting experience, especially when it is your first time shopping for a power tool. An armoury of good quality power tools, from respected retailers like Travis Perkins, will make the restoration of your home much easier. In fact, there are a few key tools that you may well struggle without, so it’s a good idea to borrow or invest in the following tools to get you started.

  1. A cordless drill is paramount and no self-respecting DIY practitioner would be without one – they are multifunctional and labour saving. From “making good” floor boards, to hanging brackets, the drill is a lifesaver.
  2. A jigsaw that will cut through timber, but will also take blades that will deal with other materials such as metal and insulation panels. The beauty of a good jigsaw is that it is just so versatile.
  3. An oscillating multi-tool will be your best friend when prepping and cleaning ready to start jobs, for example, if you are working on a window frame and need to remove old putty, this is the perfect tool.
  4. A heavy duty electric sander. These are particularly good for renovations as older houses tend to have wooden floors that people want to show off. Sanding them and then waxing or varnishing will bring them to life and make them look stunning.
  5. A rotary tool can be helpful throughout the renovation, but really comes into its own when you are trying to achieve a professional looking finish to jobs. It can be used to cut, but perhaps its most useful application is to use it to file or sand the edges of wood or metal to give a nice flush, smooth finish.

DIY house renovations are, perhaps, the summit of the DIY project mountain and just as you wouldn’t attempt Mount Everest without an ice axe, nor should you attempt a renovation without the right power tools. That doesn’t mean that you need to buy them all at once – I’ve added to my tool kit whenever I’ve needed something for a particular project (a tile cutter for the bathroom, for example). Ask around and see if you can find a friend or family member to lend you their tool – and get them to show you how to use it too!

Let me know what tools – power or otherwise – that you wouldn’t want to be without. And please share your most impressive home renovation project; what did you tackle and how did it go? Leave me a comment below!

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