Feng Shui tips to create a romantic atmosphere in your home

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that has been practised for more than 3,000 years. It is intertwined with Taoism and it is said that words cannot describe the discipline. It is an energy and life force that can be felt when you make just a few minor changes in your home. I wrote about using Feng Shui to create the most zen bedroom ever earlier this year and I’ve been really interested to learn more about the techniques that can help create a calming atmosphere in my new home. 

Feng Shui puts into practice the elements of the earth and those things we surround ourselves with. It is based on the fact that everything is made up of positive and negative energy or “Ch’i”. Energy is contained in fire, earth, metal, and wood. The way we arrange the items in our homes draw the energy to us. Placing things in certain positions can attract love, life, romance, and happiness. Read on to find out how…

Mirrors and Crystals

To start with, you must identify where your bedroom is in the home. Is it at the end of a long hallway? If so, your bedroom is in “the dragon’s mouth”. To slow down (and somewhat filter) the energy it’s recommended that you hang a mirror on either side of the hall facing each other. They should be placed just before the bedroom door to slow down the flow of energy, which allows you to draw the positive elements of it. A crystal sphere hung just inside the bedroom brings great romantic energy to the people inside the room.

Check out how I made this Hollywood mirror + my notebook and pen are from Pen Heaven

Bed Linens

According to Feng Shui, you should use bed linens that are red, white, or bright green. This brings harmony and calmness to your relationship, while red linens bring the fire. Alternate the colours you use, and do not use red too often or your relationship could burn out! Something as simple as changing the sheets helps to create periods of comfort and growth. 

Candles and scents

I love having candles in the bedroom anyway, especially at this time of year. The back right-hand corner of the room is the romance and relationship area, so place a set of candles in that area to keep your love balanced. Light them from time to time as to spark romance and allow your love to glow. Place a few drops of the essential oil Ylang Ylang in your atomizer to enhance the atmosphere. By the way, I got my wax melts and my pillar candles (pictured above) from Bolsius and these chunky rustic candles seem to last forever!


Feng Shui expects say that the most powerful love areas in the room are directly across from the entry door and the foot of the bed. In these two locations, you should place pictures of people in love – which can be photographs of yourselves or artwork.

Make room for romance

If you are about to move in with your other half for the first time, feng shui professionals recommend making room in your drawers and wardrobe as a sign of your willingness to embrace them. Even making room in the bathroom for their items will help to strengthen the bond you have with your life partner.

These are just a few tips that I’ve been researching and there are so many more ways that feng shui can imrpove the atmosphere in your home. Improper placement interferes with the positive energy flow resulting in discontentment. Hanging a picture frame above my headboard was proof enough that feng shui can work negatively – I got a much better night’s sleep when I removed it! The goal is to find the balance that draws positive energy, and the placement of objects in the bedroom will influence the Ch’i of your relationship. So, if you are getting married, carefully consider the items you place on your Bed, Bath, and Beyond wedding registry list! Adding the wrong pieces can reduce the energy you are building!

Let me know if you too use any Feng Shui principles in your own home and whether you’ve noticed any changes to your relationships as a result. Leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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