How to encourage your teens to wrap up warm this winter

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With temperatures falling drastically, there is no way one can ignore pulling out their warmest clothes including coats, sweaters, gloves, socks, and hats. But it’s no surprise if you spot your teenager hanging out in freezing weather in just a hoodie – sometimes paired with shorts. In fact, the more you tell them to cover up for the weather, the more stern they become about not wearing one. If you’ve been struggling with this, you aren’t alone. This is quite common with teenagers.


It’s not that they have something against wearing warm clothes. It’s just that they want to make their own decisions. And that includes deciding whether they want to wear warm clothes or not. If they think wearing coats and gloves is uncool and doesn’t go with their style, they might want to ditch the idea regardless of the weather. So, how do you convince your teens they should consider weather protection? These tips will help you out.


Communication is the key. Instead of dictating them or insulting them for their choice, talk to them about the importance of staying warm during the chilly weather and how not staying warm can have an impact on their health. For instance, you can teach them about frostbite and its severe consequences. In low and below freezing temperatures, frostbite can occur as quickly as in 10 minutes. Guiding them by adapting an educational approach can convince them to wear warm clothes without being fussy. Even if this doesn’t work, your family physiciancan help your teen understand this better with authentic medical references.


Belittling their choice can upset them and make them angry. If you stand on the issue with a negative approach, it would only make the situation worse. Instead, be polite and show concern. Tell them how it worries you when you see them going out without throwing on another layer to keep warm. The more lovable and positive your tone is, the better.


This approach is quite straightforward and can work wonders. For instance, set a temperature rule. Set a rule for the entire family: if the temperature drops below a certain point, an additional layer with a hat is mandatory for everyone! Having your entire family mutually agree on specific rules can make it easier for your teen to change their attitude towards keeping themselves warm.


The ‘winter dress code’ can also solve the issue. Go shopping and let them buy winter clothes of their own tastes and preferences. While shopping for Wear Saga jackets, give them the freedom to choose their favourite colour. This way, they’ll feel good about the fact that you’re not interfering in their buying decisions. By providing them this level of empowerment, you can easily ask them to also consider wearing winter boots. Again, let them pick what they like.


Sometimes, your teen may demand you to splurge when it comes to winter shopping. They aren’t always satisfied with one jacket or one pair of gloves. In some cases, it’s okay to spend a little if that encourages them to wear warm clothes and stay protected.


Don’t let them forget. Keep their warm clothes accessible at all times. Hang them near the door. Even if they don’t wear it before leaving for school, encourage them to take their jacket to school. While you cannot ensure they’ll wear it at all times, you’ll at least be at peace that they’re carrying an additional layer in case they need it when it really gets cold.

Let me know if you have any other tips by leaving a comment below 🙂

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