Planning springtime renovations in advance

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There are quite a variety of springtime renovations worth considering as you go about maintaining your property and planning ahead for the springtime is always a good idea. Your first step might be narrowing down the task ahead of you. Some projects need continuous focus and a larger budget. Some projects can be done with relative experience and little cost, while some things are best left to contractors… 


Take stock of your property. How is the landscaping doing? Have you been meaning to perfect it, or have you yet to start properly managing it? Is there some issue you’ve been meaning to get to, and have put off incidentally over the years? Maybe start here, and have some landscaping done.

If you’re seeking lawn sprinkler repair experts, look for tenured groups that boast about their years of experience while staying on top of leading technologies and water conservation techniques. You might also look into garden renovations that are as substantial as the addition of a new exterior deck. Going about such projects can be especially worthwhile if you’re looking at a sale of your property in the near future. Imagine investing £5k and seeing £20k in returns.       


Another home repair worth considering this spring involves your roof. A good residential roofing company will have multi-pronged experience. Experience combined with skill in diverse roofing atmospheres combine to make a choice like this company considerable. Different eras have different roofing styles, and sometimes, as with auto repair, you’ll have difficulty getting the work you need done with agencies who don’t come with the right experience.


Some renovations can get you tax breaks—especially if they follow certain “green” mandates. Even without tax breaks, property value expansion is worth the effort. Solar panels can add between £10k and £20k to your property’s value, depending on where you’re located. The cost of such a 3.1 kWh system is about £5k, if you source the materials a la carte and do the installation yourself. That’s a renovation project that may take a week or an afternoon, and could double, triple, or quadruple your investment—not to mention your savings in utilities.

If zoning allows it, you might add some sustainable off-grid redundancy to your property. Near a running body of water? For about £5k you can install a water turbine that acts as an energy producer when the sun isn’t so bright. If you’re in a remote area with enough space, a wind turbine could deliver a good amount of energy for another £5k. For £15, the right property could experience between £30k and £60k in property value expansion; and from projects that—with enough effort—might be doable in only a week’s time.


But renovation projects do tend to be larger than you may expect. If you’re redoing the bathroom, sometimes material availability, accidents, or life in general may prevent you from finishing by the time you anticipated. If at all possible, try to anticipate bottlenecks by figuring out as much of your upcoming schedule as you can. This will help you additionally figure out what is or is not reasonable.

Generally, it’s a good idea to maintain your property as best you can in terms of renovation. This retains its value and can even expand it. Let me know if you have any ideas for essential springtime maintenance that I should be planning by leaving me a comment below.

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Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk – so please stay safe!


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