How technology impacts on your interior design style

In recent years, the digital age has left a mark on interior design and the styles we are choosing for our homes and businesses. Evidence of technology is in every room in the home. But what features have changed?

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Technology knows no bounds and as Balustrade Components show us in today’s guest post, it is affecting our interior design style choices too. Interior design resonates, changes and evolves over time, creating solutions to demands and needs of the modern homeowner. Here are seven huge impacts that technology has had on interior design to date…


And by this, we are not just talking about the swathe of gadget such as smart washing machines and ovens that we are beginning to witness coming to the market. Technology has impacted on the kitchen in other ways. We love the touch activated cabinetry we have seen in the kitchen, allowing the cupboard door to swing or slide open with the lightest of touches. The improved integral storage solutions are also something else too.


Second on our list are the small, but important changes to the amount of water we use. From water-saving toilets to showers, the tech has been around for some time but the technology is advancing further, with improvements in water filters and waste management too.


From controlling the heat from your smartphone app to adjusting the screen at the touch of your fingertip, we predict that technology will become even more important not just in the interior design styling of our homes but in how we use the space within. Could we see the end of defined formal lines between the dining room, the living room and the kitchen?


Interior design has, for some time now, started to marry the interior with the exterior. But with technology reaching its tentacles to the exterior space of our homes too, we think there will be an even stronger bond between how we live in and outside of our homes. As eco-friendly as indoors, tech is allowing us to light the garden and the patio without using mains electricity. There is better and improved tech behind everything in the garden and for us, this can only be a good thing.


Commercial interior design has long held hands-free taps and flushes as part and parcel of design but for some reason, until now, they have not been a common feature of domestic interior design. Maybe it was the commercial appeal of the design hat put people off putting it in their homes but with changes in design, they are now becoming more appealing. They may look like an ordinary tap in the bathroom or in the kitchen, but a quick swish of the hand and the water pours forth, no need to twist, turn or touch anything.


The discovery of LED was surely a defining point of the 20th century but until now, it was a lighting system that was kept to fairy lights and Christmas trees. By not emitting heat, these small light emitting diodes (LED) are more energy efficient. Available in all kinds of colours, they are versatile enough to fit just about anywhere, from lighting on the patio to under cupboard lighting in the kitchen and beyond.


Technology no longer has to stand out. It practical and functional nature means that it is fast becoming the norm in every home across the country. But at one time, it had to stand out. However, manufacturers of hubs and pods are producing products that fit seamlessly into the interior home décor. Even better is that designers and builders on renovating properties are including tech as part and parcel of the fabric of the home. From hubs in every room to USB ports on electrical sockets, there is a lot more that technology has to offer us yet.


When it comes to the future of the technological and digital world, who really knows what will happen next? At first, new tech stands out as something new but over time, the styles and designs we adopt within our homes morph and develop so that technology is adopted and subsumed into our living spaces.

Technology updates and changes so fast, who knows what our homes will look like in the future?

I’d like to thank Balustrade Components, who create bespoke balustrades that become interior architectural masterpieces, for collaborating with me on this informative guest post. From glass balustrades for balconies to amazing balustrades for staircases, these guys understand design and style like no one else. 

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