5 Tips for turning your home into a minimalist haven

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Did you know that living in a cluttered home might be increasing your stress levels? De-clutter both your home and your mind by following some simple design tips that’ll make turn your home into a peaceful haven…More and more people are turning to a minimalist design aesthetic due to the stress of clutter, and it can really make a difference to your happiness levels too. Moreover, simplifying and scaling back to basics is one way of creating a more stylish space that looks cleaner, neater and more functional. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Having too many colours around inevitably catch the eye and creates a disjointed, unfocused feeling. Start with a neutral base that’s easy on your vision: whites, soft greys, or pastels. Keep that tone throughout the room by using colours in the same family, then break the monotony with an accent colour or two. This keeps the space from being too drab or appearing plain. Coordinated home fabrics are an easy way to create a serene space that flows visually without having to spend too much. Plus,  you can change your soft furnishings to create a new feeling each season.


Clutter is inevitable. Stuff just piles up, and before you know it, every surface is occupied with things you don’t use or need. Going minimalist means clearing every surface of those things and keeping only the essentials. Ask yourself why you’re keeping that pile of junk mail, or those empty jars and canisters. If you don’t use something on a regular basis or it has no function to you, take it to the recycling bin. Things that you’re keeping out of sentimental value but hardly looked at may be stored somewhere out of sight. Make an effort to keep all surfaces clear: tables, countertops and the like.


Yes, it is completely possible to over-furnish a room. Don’t buy pieces just to take up space, consider every decision thoughtfully, and choose furniture that will stand the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically. Well-made pieces that are built to last might be a little high on the price range, but this only means you’re spending more on quality and leaving little room for impulse decisions, like a trendy bubble chair you’ll never really sit on.


The key here is to avoid making the walls look sparse, but also not loading them with too much stuff that catches the eye. Creating a focal point with a single piece of artwork is one way to keep it neat. You can also shop for wall accent sets of a similar design and space them equally in order to make the wall itself a work of art. Simple frames in solid colours will work well for photographs. Keeping them uniform will also enhance the minimalist feel. 


Simple lines and shapes are hallmarks of minimalism. Anything too ornate, complicated or detailed will create breaks in vision that are jarring to the eye. Choose your pieces wisely: your furniture, decoration and accents should all be proportioned harmoniously with each other, and everything should keep the eye moving easily. Keep patterns simple, or use texture to keep the space from being monotonous instead. Consult your original colour palette and keep all things within that spectrum, but bring in linens and wool fabrics, and clay and porcelain pottery.With these 5 tips in mind, you’ll soon turn your home into a sanctuary of minimalism that is both relaxing to the eyes and soothing to the soul! Let me know your ideas for decluttering and creating a peaceful home by leaving me a comment below.


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