5 Tips for keeping your home clean & tidy with kids

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Keeping your home clean with kids in the house is one daunting task! But there are tips and techniques you can follow to keep your house tidy. Read on to find out how…It can be challenging to keep things orderly and neat when there are young children around, but it is not impossible. The secret is to make them help out! The little ‘uns are often eager to help out with household chores anyway, and it’s a great idea to start them young. There are simple tasks you can give to your kids so read on for some more tips on keeping your home tidy with kids around.


With tiny kids around, maybe you need to assess what cleanliness means to you and your family. You can probably expect active young kids to have toys strewn around the place on a daily basis! If you were used to an uncluttered and organised home before having kids, that outlook has to change a little. You can’t expect your home to look ready for visitors all the time, but you can make it look less cluttered by putting away kids’ stuff in baskets. If every toy has a ‘home’ to be put away in, the room will still look orderly, although maybe not look as tidy as before!


Young children may probably not understand your desire for a clean and organised home yet. So, you let them be children. But there is a way that they can be part of tidying the house; let them be part of the solution. Kids may be eager to play, but they are also enthusiastic to help with the chores, especially the toddlers. Be ready for those days that when they are eager! The first simple task they can carry out is keeping the dining table neat and clean. You can use a tablecloth, which would be easy for them to wipe and would protect the surface of the table too. Simply Tablecloths have a wide range of wipeable tablecloths with various fabrics, finish, and colours; duck egg blue is one of my favourites because it adds a fresh, bright look to the room. In fact, I’ve even covered my kitchen chairs in a wipe-clean aqua tablecloth fabric, too!


Children’s toys are usually the source of clutter in a home with kids. You can’t avoid kids playing and leaving their things behind afterwards but too much clutter can be avoided by limiting your children’s toys. Ask relatives or friends to refrain from giving toys as they will accumulate and add to the clutter. Kids usually give a little attention to new toys then just set them aside so it would be better to give them things that they’ll probably enjoy for a longer period like clothing, craft supplies or a bike. If the storage baskets are already spilling out, you can ask your children to help to sort out which toys they want to donate, sell or keep.

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It’s not only kids that create clutter in the home. Bills, mails, old magazines, and catalogues pile up fast. It is a great idea to have a storage solution for every item so that you can create order in the home and they’ll be easier to access when you need them. Youngsters should have their own storage baskets for their belongings – probably better if labelled so that it’s easy for them to put their things away. Laundry for both adults and children are essential too, as piles of clothes make a room look instantly messy.


Life is totally different when you have kids to look after so it’s no surprise that cleanliness in the home is sometimes forgone. There is also such a thing as multitasking when doing the daily routines because, with kids around, you don’t have the luxury of time. You can wipe the kitchen counters while attending to your cooking. And if you keep a sponge by your bathroom sink you can give it quick scrub when you’re washing your hands. Cleaning as you go might be the best solution to keep your home as clean as possible without spending hours on the task.Keeping a house clean may seem difficult, especially when you have kids. I mean, I find it hard enough without little ones running around! But I hope these ideas have shown you that keeping the house tidy doesn’t have to be a gruelling daily task. Finding ways you can simplify chores, with the help of your kids as well, can create a home which is tidy and peaceful to live in. 

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  1. Cassie, getting the kids involved in cleaning is a great idea. It gives them purpose and also a great lesson for the future when they have to do it all alone. I also feel that when they feel responsible of their own space, they act in a more responsible way.

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