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Want to feel reassured that your house is safe when you’re away from home? I certainly do – however, the costs of the installation, upkeep and monitoring of home security systems have, traditionally, not been particularly reasonable. So, what should you do? Simply saying, “it’ll never happen to me” isn’t enough! Here’s some low-cost tips for securing your home…It’s difficult to know how much is a reasonable amount to spend on a home security system. If you are looking to revamp your home’s security, you need to shop around. Security system prices vary massively and it’s easy to find yourself spending a hundred pounds for just one security camera up to thousands for a total home security system. Fortunately, a I know of a few ways that’ll help you get a price that’s just right for your bank balance. You can use these tricks and tips to get you an affordable price when purchasing security products for your home.


One of the things you need to determine is whether you require an unmonitored or monitored home security system. Monitored systems are those connected to a company’s call centre or emergency services like the police and fire departments. A monitored system has ongoing costs as you’ll need to pay a monthly service fee. Not to mention the fact that the installation costs will be much higher.

The unmonitored alternative only emits an alarm without alerting the authorities. The benefit of having an unmonitored system is that it costs less. However, you need to ensure that you can rely on neighbours to hear the alarm and ensure that the noise will scare off a potential intruder.


Reliable brands tend to offer clients high-quality security services and products, but when choosing a brand, make sure you take into consideration the following:

  • Does the company offer the range of security products you need?
  • Can you reach a support team any time of the day and week?
  • Does the company have a warranty and return policy on its products and services?
  • What do people say about the brand online?

One thing you should be taking advantage of is the fact that just about all home security companies regularly have special offers running. In fact, some companies will offer clients anything between 5 to 20 percent discount at any time. Purchasing your home security system using voucher codes is a great way of saving money so you shouldn’t buy unless there’s a discount available. Or, you can take part in giveaway competitions and win a home security kit for free!To stay informed on company special offers or activities, look at their official website. Most companies also run discounts and giveaway activities on special days like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, randomly enough! If you can’t wait around for the special offers or just missed the last giveaway, take a bold step. Contact the company directly by email and ask if they can offer you a discount. You can tell them that you are a fan and that you just missed out on their latest offer. Doing this will increase your chances of getting the 20 percent discount anyway!


Did you know that there are different security systems to protect the different areas of your home? The main components of an alarm system are motion lights, window and door alarms, and motion sensors. Keep in mind that the more bells and whistles a system has, the higher the price. Perhaps you only require placing sensors on your back and front doors? Or a floodlight over your front garden? Plus, consider your furry friends in the home – you probably don’t want a motion sensor alarm in your home if you’ve got pets moving around the rooms at night!


Walk around your home and note the number of entrances, first-floor windows, and possible areas someone can break in – in other words, get to know your space. It helps if you can think like a burglar, so you don’t overspend on security equipment you don’t require. Most security systems on the market have different packages available so only choose the number of motion detectors, cameras and monitors you actually need.


Previously, home security system required wiring, installation and repair by professionals, increasing all types of extra fees. Today, the best wireless CCTV home security systems and smartphone apps can help you create an affordable DIY solution. Some cameras offer you live video feed along with features like sound and motion notifications sent to your smartphone. I bet it could get really addictive watching your own home to see what’s going on – especially if you have pets! Such systems allow you to save money on installation, monitoring and equipment.


You can actually save money month-on-month by having a home security system. How? Well, your home insurance provider may offer you discounts when you have extra security devices! So, before you install your system, make sure you check with your insurance company and see what they’d need you to add in order to cut the cost of your insurance. You never know, the discount might be enough to justify purchasing the home security system. If you’ve already installed the system, notify your insurer immediately, so you can start reaping these rewards right away.

So there you have it – get DIYing and use those discounts to your advantage! Did you know that 88 percent of burglars tend to bypass homes with security camera systems installed? That just goes to show that by installing security lights and surveillance cameras can make a difference in protecting your family and home. Best of all, there are products out there available in every budget range so you can do it without breaking the bank. Let me know your money-saving ideas for your home in the comments below, I’d love to hear your tips!

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