The most popular design choices of different generations

It is no secret that different generations like different things. Not only does this pop up in fashion choices, but also in the style they have in their homes. So, with this in mind, what are the most popular design choices of different generations and how do you get the look for less? 

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It is no secret that different generations like different things. Not only does this pop up in fashion choices, but also in the style they have in their homes. So, with this in mind, what are the most popular design choices of different generations and how do you get the look for less? 

I’m such a fan of mid-century modern style, and I have been throughout my 20s and into my 30s, but does that mean everyone else likes the same things I do? Judging by the increase in demand for mid-century teak furniture (that you couldn’t give away 10 years ago!) I’m guessing they do! But then again, I think that your interior design preferences change a lot depending on the type of lifestyle you’re living in your home.

When you’re working all day and out in the evenings, it’s just a place to store things and sleep. When you’re having a kids, it becomes the hub of family life. And when you’re retired, it’s a relaxing sanctuary and a place for your grown-up children to bring their own kids. So, today I wanted to research the most popular interior design choices for each generation and be inspired by the different styles.


Let’s start with the most modern style that is favoured by Millennials. The main focus of Millennials is making the most of the space that they have in their homes. Particularly if they’ve had to buy an apartment or smaller home that fits in with their budget. Smaller homes means that they focus on a minimalist approach, which has plenty of built in storage for hiding away items and decluttering their home.

I love the ‘soft minimalism’ look and that’s the inspiration for my own home – when I eventually get the renovation finished! Millennials also favour a more urban approach to style, with lots of sleek lines and contemporary finishes rather the rustic charm that you might see in the homes of the previous generation. They also choose furniture that is both comfy and stylish and is often slimline to fit in with the space saving idea.


The baby boomers are those who are aged 55-65 and they seem to favour a more rustic and charming approach to their interior design. They are a generation who prefer comfort over everything else, but yet they still manage to do it in style. They often have large, plush, comfy furniture that really matches in with the warm colours that they pick for their walls. These homes are ideal for those who want to relax and unwind, rather than those who are only thinking about making the most of the space they have.


So, we have the older generation and the younger generation, but what about those who fall somewhere inbetween? Well, this particular generation seems to have taken their time to create a modern and stylish home, however, they’ve had children and things have changed. Their homes are the centre of their family and this is reflected in the style that they create. They may want to still keep up with interior design trends but they understand that comfort and function is also going to be vital. Therefore, their homes are a perfect combination of the two. 

One thing is for sure, no matter what age you are or the style of your home, it makes sense to choose a wingback chair. It’s one of my favourite design pieces and gives my home that Pinnable mid-century modern vibe I love. not only are wingback chairs effortlessly stylish, but they are timeless and classic too, which means that no matter what age you are, no matter how your home changes, your wingback chair is going to fit right in.


The minimalistic and urban space-saving approaches favoured by millennials is a style that is likely to stick around. But knows what the future of interior design is going to bring? Of course, trends change, which means that we never know what is around the corner – perhaps interior design will make a huge switch and modern design may bring more rustic and traditional styles in homes up and down the country.

This is particularly true as those millennials begin to move away from their more single lives, away from their apartments and instead find themselves living in family homes, raising their children and generally making changes to their lives and then in turn their homes. After all, whilst interior design is all about your own personal taste, it is also just as much as what you need for your family and how it is growing and changing. Your home is always the centre of your world and therefore, the age that you are and your own personal circumstances is going to have a huge impact on how your home looks and the furniture and furnishings that you pick for it too.

Let me know what’s your preferred style of interior design in the comments below and tag me in photo of your home on instagram @Cassiefairy so that I can check out your gorgeous interior design choices.

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