How to add colour & pattern to your floors (the easy way!)

What’s the quickest and easiest way to update your floors with a splash of colour or a sprinkling of fun pattern? Why, vinyl of course! Things have come a long way since those stick-backed vinyl tiles of your childhood and there are plenty more options in terms of design than ever before. So don’t dismiss this thrifty way of decorating your floors and read on to find out why I’m planning on using vinyl in my home…If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m currently in the process of renovating my first home. It’s a 1950s building, and we’ve been aiming to bring some of that mid-century style back into the house ever since we started this epic makeover. Most rooms have already been given a facelift, but the hallway is still in it’s original, tatty condition.I really want to get the hallway decorated because it’s the link between our lovely woodchip-free living room and our minimalist bedroom and spa-like bathroom. It kind of lets down all the other rooms and desperately needs updating. But, seeing as it’s such a big space with high walls, I’ve been putting it off. Plus, I haven’t yet found suitable flooring – until now, that is!

Last month, I wrote about my plans to create a scandi-style hallway with a gallery wall, and how I hoped to use plenty of wood textures in the space. I’ve since realised that it would take a lot of work to get the hallway floor level enough to take laminate or real-wood flooring, so I’ve started to research alternative options that won’t require met to pour concrete!

So, that’s how I re-discovered vinyl flooring. It’s flexible so it can be installed on my slightly uneven floors without bother. I’m sure I won’t even notice any different levels after the vinyl flooring is laid, as I haven’t noticed it at all until I took a closer look. When I started looking for vinyl flooring I couldn’t believe just how many different colours, designs and patterns there were to choose from! There are two different types of vinyl flooring you can choose from; sheet vinyl and tiles. There are benefits to both.


Vinyl sheet flooring doesn’t have any joins so its a leak-free option for bathrooms and kitchens. It can be cut to size with ease, so you can fit it around pedestal sinks and pipes. It can be glued to the floor using double-sided flooring tape if you’re working in a small space or you can use flooring adhesive for a smooth, movement-free finish. For larger rooms, you’ll get a big change very quickly – and if your space is wider than the sheet of vinyl, you can cut a seam to join two lengths together, ensuring that the pattern isn’t interrupted. 


That said, I think that vinyl tiles are my favourite option for adding pattern to your floors. They are easier to manoeuvre into place than a large sheet of vinyl, for a start! They are self-adhesive, so you only need to peel off the backing and stick them straight to the floor. No extra glues or equipment needed. They can also be cut to fit around door frames or radiator pipes. And, because every tile has a pattern that tessellates with the other tiles, you never need to worry about pattern-matching along a seam.

Whichever vinyl flooring you choose, there are plenty of designs available to brighten up the space – as you can see from all the photos I’ve been sharing. I found these patterns on the Zazous website and was immediately drawn to these mid-century colours and patterns. I love the vintage effect that tiles have in a hallway and I’d love to recreate that look with the minimum of fuss. 

I haven’t yet chosen a paint colour for the walls in the hallway, but I’m thinking that mustard yellow wouldn’t be a bad idea now that I’ve seen these tiles! Or maybe grey. Or turquoise! I thinks it’s time to get some tester pots and try out some colours in the space, then I can make up my mind about the flooring. It’ll definitely be vinyl tiles though – they’re a great money-saving choice as you only need to buy enough to cover the space you have, and there’s no extra hidden expenses like fixings or adhesives.

What do you think of vinyl flooring? Do you have some in your home already? Let me know which pattern you would go for in the comments below or tag me in your instagram photo @Cassiefairy when you post a pic of your vinyl flooring – I’d love to see what patterns and colours you’ve chosen and how it’s transformed your space.

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