How to style your garden like the Love Island villa

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Do you dream of having a fresh, bright and colourful home just like the Love Island villa? Today I’m taking garden design inspiration from the Love Island complex and finding ways to recreate this Mediterranean paradise in your own garden here in the UK – starting with lots and lots of fairy lights! If you want to style your interior like the Love Island villa have a read of my decorating blog post too! 

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First up, and I think most obviously, are festoon lights. There’s no way to ignore them on Love Island – the garden is covered in them! They’re in the background of every party shot and you simply won’t be able to recreate the villa’s garden without them. I’m already a big fan of fairy lights (they’re not just for Christmas, you know) so I’m well up for adding pretty lights to my garden in the summer too.

Villa photo from PopBuzz

I’m sure the quantity of lights on Love Island must cost a fortune to run, but they don’t have to be expensive to buy. I found this string of white festoon cafe lights on the Rex London website. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come with a 3-pin plug, so you know the lights will shine brightly. If you haven’t got somewhere to plug them in, why not use battery-powered bulb lights instead? This makes it easy to position them exactly where you want them.

Flamingo photo from ITV2

The second element that you can’t ignore in the Love Island garden is all the neon. While you might not want to cover your garden in neon strip-lights, a neon lamp will bring the essence of the villa into your home. I spotted this large pink flamingo neon light on the Menkind website and it’s almost exactly the same as the neon flamingo outline on the wall – yasss!

Terrace photo from ITV2

For cosy dates out on the terrace a more intimate lighting solution is needed. So I think this classic hurricane lantern would create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings. You could go for the traditional Love Island aqua blue colour or a fiery red one like mine. It’s a battery powered LED light so it can be positioned anywhere outdoors for safe and pretty illuminations.

Now, I don’t think that just one neon light is enough to get the real feel for the Love Island villa, so why not go for the thrifty option and use this “Make Your Own Neon Sign” kit? You can spell out any word you like using EL wire – in much the same way as I did when I made my neon candy sign for a party. The kit is currently reduced to £9.99 so it’s a budget way to bring some neon into your home. And what word would I create? Why, LOVE of course!

I would have thought that it would be absolutely essential to have some citronella candles dotted around the villa garden. After all, the islanders are outside partying each evening and it’s likely that the neon lights will attract the bugs after the sun goes down. A few of these basil-scented citronella tin candles would do the job and they’re only £3.50 each. To add another splash of sunny colour, these yellow glass patiolight candles from Bolsius would be ideal.

Seeing as there’s a luxurious infinity pool in the garden, you’re going to need some inflatable pool floats to decorate your Love Island villa. Did you spot that there are pool inflatables on the walls of the bedroom too? See, you can’t be without them! I love a tropical pineapple for that ‘holiday abroad’ look and who can resist a pink doughnut with sprinkles? By the way, these are reduced in the Menkind sale at the moment, bonus!

If you’ve been watching the show regularly you’ll know that the islanders like to work out in their outdoor gym, so I think that some sportswear should be on your packing list too. This double-pack of stretchy sports bralettes contains one hot pink top so your workout will coordinate with the villa decor. Plus, they’re lightweight and quick drying won’t make you too hot when you’re exercising in the sun.

Gym photo from Womens Health

I often think that the girls should be wearing shock absorber sports bras when they’re doing tasks – especially with all the frantic running around that goes on. To go with their sporty tops, some long joggers would be ideal for slouching on the sofa as well as for gym sessions in the garden. 

Kitchen photo from ITV

Heading to the kitchen and I spotted some words decorating the kitchen cabinets. If you want to recreate this look in your own kitchen, albeit indoors, I’ve found the solution. But this metal Hello sign isn’t just a cool decor piece, it’s also a handy coat rack. The bright yellow adds a splash of colour to your room and it’s practical too, what more do you want?!

When the sun goes down and it’s party time in the villa, what the one thing that the Islanders need to get the party started? Why, music of course! So I think that Buddy the multicoloured bluetooth garden speaker from IconicLights is an essential addition to your garden. Not only is it a rechargeable speaker that’s suitable for use outdoors, Buddy also lights up just like the large orbs that you can see around the Love Island garden at night. He can be programmed to change colour in time with the music too!

Finally, here’s something that I imagine must be somewhere in the Love Island villa: an ON AIR neon sign. Either it’s in the beach hut when Jack and Dani are talking to Caroline Flack during the Aftersun show, or it’s in the garden when the gang are gathered around the fire pit for another dumping. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to add another neon sign to bring more of that Love Island TV magic into your home.

What do you think of the garden design of this year’s Love Island villa? Will you be taking some inspiration from the show when decorating your own garden this year? I’m stringing up fairy lights as we speak! Let me know if you’re going to be adding any Love Island design features to your own home this year in the comments below. And pop back to the blog next week for more decorating tips to help you style your home like the villa’s interior..!


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  1. First of all, and I think most obviously, are festoon lights. There’s no way to ignore them on Love Island. the garden is covered in them! They’re in the background of every party shot and you simply won’t be able to recreate the villa’s garden without them.

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