How to style your home like the Love Island villa

If you've been admiring the decor of the Love Island villa I'll show you how to recreate it in your own home - the thrifty way! In today's post I'm tackling the interior so here are some ways that you can bring a bit of the Love Island magic into your home.

Some items have been gifted

If you’ve been admiring the decor of the Love Island villa I’ll show you how to recreate it in your own home – the thrifty way! In today’s post I’m tackling the interior so here are some ways that you can bring a bit of the Love Island magic into your home.

What do you think of the Love Island look? Would you want these bright colours and fun lights in your own home? I’ve already shared the first post in my Love Island decor series where I showed you how to make your garden look like a tropical paradise! It’s all about the interior today and I’ve got a few more ideas for creating that Love Island look.

Villa bedroom photo from ITV

Let’s start with the bedroom. I mean, you can’t ignore the room where all that infra-red action happens, can you? Starting with the basics, you’re going to need some fresh white cotton bedding to brighten up your bed. This 300 thread count sateen stripe bedding by Silent Night is a great start; it’s easy to iron and feels super smooth, like a hotel. In fact, just like you’d imagine the bedding in a luxury villa would feel.

Cotton is ideal for keeping cool in hot temperatures so it’s ideal for the summer we’ve been having here in the UK. Combine the duvet set with a 180 thread count percale fitted sheet and pillowcases. Once your bed is entirely white, it’s time to add some colour. Here you’ve got a choice – hot pink or turquoise. Which will it be?

I opted for turquoise because I’ve already got a hot pink neon light (more on that later) so I picked up these accessories from B&M – there a set of two throws was only £4.99, can you believe it? I think a blanket is essential to cover up the crisp white bedding when you’ve got pets; it wouldn’t be long before the sheets are covered in cat hair if I didn’t have a blanket on top!

You may have noticed that each bed in the Love Island villa has a lamp beside it. It’s a sphere light and I found a mini-version from Red Candy. This moon desk light is battery powered and glows with a clear blue light at night. And it’s only £8, what a bargain!

The moon gives off a subtle glow so I needed a little more light in the bedroom. What better way to illuminate the room than with this concrete industrial lamp? The Edison bulb is just like all the festoon lights that decorate the villa’s garden, and the concrete reminds me of the landscaping around the pool. It’s the ideal reading light for bedtime and will definitely wake up the islanders in the morning.

What does every Love Island villa need? Why, a big neon pink hello sign, of course! This one is an LED light (so you don’t have to worry about breaking the glass – it’s all acrylic) and therefore it’s a more cost-effective way to get that neon look in your own home. I love the combination of pink and white – I think you can guess how much I like it because it has featured in almost all of my photos!

Villa bedroom photo from ITV

As if one neon light wasn’t enough, I think we need some blue neon to bring another hue into the space. I mean, the villa is particularly well-lit, isn’t it? I already had this Chill neon light from GetGingersnap in my kitchen above my fridge, and I think it would be ideal for the Love Island villa. It’s an instruction more than anything, some Islanders just need to chill out!

Any Islander can tell you that lacy underwear is of utmost importance when you’re on Love Island. Especially if you’re packing your fella’s suitcase when they’re in Casa Amor, right? I love this long-line Pour Moi bra and “starlet” briefs in the traditional Love Island colours. Who doesn’t love a bit of hot pink lace, eh? Plus, this lingerie is in the sale section of the website at the moment so it’s a bargain too!

Flamingos seem to be the motif of Love Island. There’s a neon flamingo in the faux-grass wall and all their glasses have those pink birds on them. So it makes sense to include a kitsch plastic flamingo watering can from Rex London in my Love Island decor. It’s ideal for keeping the pot plants alive in hot weather and the hot pink colour coordinates with the other interior accessories perfectly. I just adore his cheeky little face! By the way, my cactus pin cushion is handmade by Dotty Bag

Flamingo photo from ITV

And finally, where’s the one place that all Islanders are hoping to receive a text about? The Hideaway, of course! Turn your bedroom into a romantic hotel room by adding a few opulent touches. Firstly, you’ll need some sheepskin rugs to elegantly drape over the foot of the bed.

Hideaway photo from The Telegraph

The fluffy texture and natural colours instantly add a cosy feeling to the space. These Bowron sheepskin rugs are from TheRugSeller and are currently reduce in the sale. The colour is ‘twilight’ – very apt for a snuggly evening of stargazing out of the Hideaway window.

You might have noticed that the lighting is quite low in the hideaway so I think that candles are essential. These cute glass and earthenware tealight holders from Bolsius keep the flames safe all evening long, providing a gentle glow that creates a romantic atmosphere.

What do you think of the Love Island villa’s interior decor? Will you be recreating the look in your own bedroom this summer? Let me know in the comments below. I think it’s a fun, fresh look and I’m happy to be sleeping in my own Love Island bed this week in anticipation of the final. But who is going to win? Share your predictions below! If you enjoyed this blog post please have a read of my Love Island garden styling article too!


Some items in this blog post have been gifted to me and the pink links indicate a gifted product, affiliate link or information source. All thoughts and opinions in this post are based on my own experience and I am not responsible for your experience 🙂

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