9 Low-cost ways to create a cosy bedroom & a happy home 

Home décor is an essential part of happy living. But it doesn't need to cost a fortune to look good and can actually make you feel happy to come back home in the evening. Here a few of things you can easily use to decorate your bedroom with the least effort and money...

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Home décor is an essential part of happy living. Just imagine how unhappy you feel when there’s piles of clutter, washing up in the sink and your bed is messy. Compare that to a tidy living space, with a clean kitchen and a freshly made bed. I know which home I’D rather live in! The thing about home décor is that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to look good and can actually make you feel happy to come back home in the evening. Here a few of things you can easily use to decorate your bedroom (and other rooms) with the least effort and money…


Mirrors in any room can make it feel bigger and at the very least will help to bounce light around the space. Besides having a main dressing table mirror in the bedroom, small table or shelf mirrors can do wonders in small spaces. Mirrors can be fancy in terms of their shapes and sizes, and the type of frames used. Mount a full-length mirror on the wall to check your outfit when you get ready in the morning AND reflect plenty of light. Multiple smaller mirrors hung on a wall like a gallery looks vintage and can help to double the size of a hallway.


I’m not necessarily talking about family photos. You can use monochrome pictures of objects, a framed quote or a colourful picture of a landscape. Either way, adding pictures to any room will help to add life and give the space a focal point. You can use one big picture on the wall opposite your bed or multiple smaller ones forming a pattern. Amongst the gallery wall you could even put frames around little objects like a magnifying glass, compass, pocket watch etc to really personalise the space.


The bed is the biggest feature in your bedroom so it makes sense to choose bed sheets and pillow cases that you’re happy with. A vibrant patterned bed sheet is the simplest of bedroom décor, giving the space a theme that you can add accessories to. Alternatively crisp white sheets can be dressed up in a variety of ways just by changing the throw pillows. Go for monochrome for a minimalist look or add colourful cushions that can be changed with the seasons.


You’re going to see a bedside table but there’s no need to invest in something new. Old wooden boxes and tables work well for giving the bedroom a classic rustic look. You can take any old table or box and scrape the paint off with sandpaper to keep it looking retro and shabby. Or you can give it a complete overhaul with new paint and minimalist patterns. Boxes and side tables are useful in the living room too, so keep an eye out at the car boot sale for a low-cost piece of furniture that you can upcycle.


One easy way of changing the look of the entire bedroom is to experiment with the curtains. You don’t need to always go for new curtains; why not reuse your old curtains and stitch them with net or lace? You can make half and half of the net and curtain or you can even turn a bed sheet into curtains by stitching on some hook tape at the top. Add fringes or pom-pom trims at the bottom to personalise your homewares. Alternatively, you could simple experiment with sheer voiles instead of heavy lined curtains to give you bedroom an airy feel


Lamps are key to creating a cosy bedroom so get a couple for your bedside tables. Pick them up from charity shops or carboot sales and simply change the shade to coordinate with your decor. If you choose plain white paper or fabric lamp shades you could even customise them yourself! Electric lighting can also be decorated without too much effort; either swap your usual bulb for an impressive edison bulb for an industrial look that doesn’t need a lampshade, or choose a pendant fitting to hang lower with an enclosed, hygge-esque shade.


Other than painting all the walls for a fresh look, you can simply add patterns your bedroom walls. You can use sponge or foam cut into the shapes of your choice, or use a printing roller with a pattern etched in. You can also make a whole wall your canvas and make your own masterpiece on that, creating a colourful mural or ombre effect. If this all sounds like too much work, wallpapers are an easy way to get pattern into your bedroom.


With the increasing knowledge of the benefits of indoor plants, more people are incorporating plants into their homes. Plants and trees are great for soothing eyes, purifying the air and look great too. Old tree roots and branches can be displayed as decorative, sculptural pieces to bring the outside in. You can use old plastic containers to pot your plants, or spray paint mis-matched ceramic pots bought from the carboot sale. For people without a green thumb, faux silk plants and artificial boxwood shrubs give you the same look but without any maintenance.


Besides making the bedroom smell good, scented candles, potpourris, incense sticks and oils burners usually come in stylish packaging too. You can find these items for any budget (just look in shops like B&M, Ikea or The Range) and you can even make them at home too. Pine cones can be dotted with essential oils to become the best potpourri around. All you need are some favourite fragrances and you’ll alway be able to make your own.

I hope these ideas have given you inspiration for giving your bedroom a cosy makeover this year. Let me know what interior design elements you think are most important in the bedroom and please share your own home makeover tips in the comments below.

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Cassie Fairy
Cassie is a freelance writer with a Masters degree in lifestyle promotion studies. She loves to 'get the look for less' so regularly shares thrifty fashion posts, DIY interior design ideas and low-cost recipes on her blog.

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