Moving to a new house? 5 Things to inspect before you move in

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Buying a new home is a really exciting time even if it often feels like it takes forever between finding the house and completing on the purchase. There are many steps that need to be completed in order to qualify for your mortgage but, just because the mortgage company has completed a survey, it doesn’t mean that the house is ready for you. There are a few other things you should have inspected before you move in…


You’ve already had a survey which will have told you that the house is structurally sound and worth what you’re paying. But you also need to get a reputable pest control service in to check your new home. Rodents and insects can get into any house through the smallest of cracks. One mouse may not seem like an issue but they can give birth to between 3 and 14 mice in the space of 3 weeks. They can also have as many as 10 litters per year; that’s a lot of mice in a short space of time – especially when you consider those baby mice will be growing up and having their own babies..! You can find out more about the right inspection to have and instruct a professional to eliminate the problem. Alternatively you can try to resolve the issue yourself however, when you first move into a house it’s reassuring to know the professionals have solved any issues in advance.


It goes without saying that you need to check your meter readings when you move in; this will ensure you’re not being charged for other people’s usage. However, before you move in it’s a good idea to visit the house and make sure all the water appliances and taps are off. Then take a water meter reading and wait 2 hours before taking another. If the reading has changed at all you might have a leak that needs sorting before you can move in.


One thing that I really wanted to do before I moved into my home was clean it from top to bottom. Steam cleaning the carpets is a great way of removing any dirt, debris or bacteria left by the previous occupier. It will also help to ensure the environment isn’t inviting to rodents and other pests. You’ll also need to clean all the cupboards, worktops and other surfaces with a disinfectant. This will ensure there are no nasty bacteria hanging round waiting to welcome you to your new home. If the house is clean before you move in and then you return a few days later, look around to ensure you are aware of any other issues, such as rodent droppings or stains from water leaks.


One thing that is often overlooked is replacing the locks on the house. The truth is you don’t know how many people have a key to your home! You can replace the lock for as little as £10 and have peace of mind; knowing you are the only person who can let themselves in.


Finally, it is very important to identify your mains water valve and electrical breakers. If you have an issue you may need to turn these off in a hurry so it’s a good idea to locate them while the house is still empty and before you move in. You can also take electricity and gas metre readings while you’re at at to make sure you don’t end up paying someone else’s bill!

Let me know what other things you would inspect before you move in a new home in the comments below. Did you have any surprises when you moved into your house? Let me know, I’d love to hear your tips and advice.

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