How to make a funny stalk of sprouts Christmas decoration

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Christmas trees? Nah! Santa? Who? We all know that the real star of Christmas is the sprout. Whether you love them or loathe them, they’re the most hotly anticipated visitors on the 25th December and I think they deserve to be celebrated. So I’ve DIYed my own stalk of sprouts, with fluffy green pom-poms and a big stick. Here’s how to make this most-festive-of-all-decorations for yourself…


Choose three shades of green wool. I got a pale green, an over-boiled sprouty green and a dark forest green. Cut to approximately 1 metre in length and gather together a combination of the colours. After some experimenting I went for 4 x pale, 4 times sprouty and 2 x dark green.


Cut a short length of wool and lay it between your index and middle fingers. Wind the bunch of wool strands around the top of your two fingers. Tie the shorter length of wool around the middle, pulling it tight into a knot.


Slip the loops off your fingers and cut through the loops at both sides. Holding the piece of wool that you tied around the middle, trim the fluffy tendrils of wool until you have a round sprout shape. Repeat 12 times (or as many times as you like).


Find a stick in the garden and spray paint it in green. Allow to dry and then use a glue gun to stick the sprouts to the stalk. In ‘real life’ the sprouts are usually attached to the stalk in a spiral pattern so try to replicate this. This project gave me the chance to try out my new cordless hot glue gun from Ryobi and I have to say, being cord-free with an on/off switch on the gun made the whole process so much easier.


My favourite step in any DIY project is adding the googly eyes. Choose some eyes to the right scale for your sprouts and use a glue gun to stick them on. Every time I added eyes to each sprout it made me laugh because some of them looked rather shocked or ended up being naturally cross-eyed!

And there you have it, an almost life-size stalk of sprouts! You could add fairy lights to turn it into an alternative Christmas tree or you could simply prop it up by the back door like a real stalk of sprouts to welcome your guests on Christmas day.

Let me know if you have a go at making this project for yourself, I’d love to hear how you get on in the comments below or please do tag me @cassiefairy in your instagram photos.


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