6 Simple yet effective ways to save big on the cost of your wedding

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Weddings are rarely budget-friendly and more often than not, both the bride and groom end up spending a fortune on their big day. However, if you plan in advance, every wedding is filled with a multitude of cost saving opportunities. Here are 6 tips to help you save big on your wedding costs…

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Saving money on wedding costs starts with defining a clear and strict budget. You may know roughly how much you are willing to spend, but taking some time to list down all the expenses and setting a maximum budget will help you understand what’s essential and what isn’t. Prioritise the things that are the most important to you and try to sort them out first. You will be then able to see where your budget is going and when you need to stop.


Whether you are booking a photographer, wedding cake, the venue or a DJ, don’t ever hesitate to haggle. Most businesses hike their prices, knowing that you want the best for your big day, so you won’t hesitate in paying a premium. Therefore, shop around to find the cheapest quotes and haggle over the final price even further.

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If you’re planning your wedding one year from now, then start shopping from today. Take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts going on throughout the year like Christmas and Valentine’s day, etc. If you shop during these time you can maximise the savings you can make on romantic decor, fashion accessories and fairy lights. Or,  you can find deals and discounts from thousands of brands and retailers online all around the year round. Simply sign up for your favourite brand’s newsletter and wait for them to announce a sale.


You can stack up some serious savings if you choose to get married in the winter. Winter is a low wedding season and in these months the law of supply and demand can work in your favour. You can save huge on venues, catering and entertainment as the demand is reduced and they’re not fully booked in these months. Also, avoid peak weekend wedding rates by choosing a weekday instead.


If your family and friends are a talented bunch, consider hiring them. Not only you will save a good chunk of money, but you will also receive service from someone you know and can put your trust in. Assign roles like photographer, wedding cake maker, DJ, florist, singer and chauffeur to suitable members of the family and offer them gifts or money in return.


During your wedding ceremony and reception, don’t overdecorate. Let the space speak for itself, after all, everyone’s eyes will be on you anyway! If you are holding the event outdoors, make the most of venue’s natural beauty. If you are planning an indoor wedding or need additional things to touch up your space, you can place candles on the dinner tables, use jars as vases and pop garden flowers in the centre of the table.

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Do you have any more money-saving tips and tricks for weddings? What did you do to cut costs when you got married? Please share your cost-cutting wedding hacks in the comments below.

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